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Review: Beasts of the Southern Wild

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E & I are huge TV/Movie watchers. We use Netflix, Redbox and our premium channels but hardly go to the actual movie theater. On Saturday while flipping channels we stopped at a movie called Beasts of the Southern Wild. None of the actors were familiar nor did we remember seeing a trailer for it. When everyone else has seen/heard about a movie and we get to it late, it just means the hype dies down & we get to really enjoy the movie for what it is. This movie came out in 2012 so this review is a bit late :)

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The movie is based in a small community in Southern Louisiana named "Bathtub", that's been cut off from the rest of the land due to the levees. Hushpuppy is a mother-less yet optimistic six year old  that lives with her dad Wink, who is a bit abusive and a hot-tempered, unhealthy dude. They struggle to survive along with some other folks. A bad storm rolls through their community and they awake to complete disaster. Eventually the ice caps melt and some prehistoric animals end up on their land causing major damage. Hushpuppy shows her bravery and her will to survive multiple times throughout the film. While dad shows that he's an ahole but towards the end of the movie I started to understand why.

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The movie had me feeling some serious shit. I was amazed at how resilient and determined this little girl was. She's a little firecracker that does what needs to be done to survive and helps her dad, who she seems to hold something against. Hushpuppy does some serious traveling in search of her mama but doesn't find her. Dad eventually gets extremely sick and the tears are hard to control.. for them and for me.

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I enjoyed the imagination of the writers & the fantastic cinematography. The acting was very much on point. I totally recommend this movie for how simple and yet extremely touching it is. After watching the movie, I did some more Googling and found it was nominated for various awards. One things for sure, this little girl, Quvenzhan√© Wallis has a very bright future ahead. Check out the trailer below. :)

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