Friday, April 11, 2014

Link Line-Up 10.0 | Blogs I'm Crushing On

Little Man <3

  1. Lipstick With Some Sunshine - Blog is owned by fabulous Tamira. Tamira is a total sweetheart & a beauty addict who posts reviews about all sorts of beauty products along with fashion and food. She was just nominated for Allure's top 10 beauty bloggers and you bet your ass I'll be voting for her!!
  2. Art Cream - Blog is owned by Ferron. Ferron has beautiful taste for home decor and tasty food. The things she does with her home are inspiring and the DIY's are very easy. She is also half of the music group Pandr Eyez, which I totally recommend. 
  3. Tracy XO - Blog is owned by Tracy. Tracy is a very talented scrapbooker. Her blog is full of Project Life layouts that I wish I could do. She is holding it down for all the single ladies who are part of the Project Life.. life LOL! She was featured on Studio Calico's site for her fantastical skills.
  4. Caylee Grey - Blog is owned by Caylee. Caylee loves memory keeping & staying organzied. She shares her stories traveling & being happily married. She is also a scrapbooker with some serious skills. She just became part of the creative crew for a  new line called Essence.
  5. Last but never least, Cupcake Rehab - Blog is owned by Marilla. Marilla is a born & raised New Yorker with madd skills. She shares recipes for food that you never would have thought of. She's not just a food blogger, she's talented in a number of things. Her DIY's & graphic designing skills are fantastical! Oh, she's also my boo & one of the most genuine people I've ever known.
Thank you to all of these ladies for making the interwebs a fantastical place & helping us all stay entertained with your amazing stories!

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