Monday, April 7, 2014

2nd Annual Houston BBQ Festival 2014

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Houston BBQ festival held at Reliant Park. This was probably the most fulfilling festival I've ever been to!! BBQ included brisket, barbacoa, pork, chicken, ribs & sausage links. Some of the booths had sides like beans, cole slaw, broccoli slaw, and potatoes. Oh, I can't forget BBQ sauce. 

Houston seems to have this issue with outdoor fests. It either rains hardcore or its hotter than the sun's ass. This fest was no different. It was foggy and chilly. The rain decided it would show up every 10 to 15 minutes and have everyone running under the tent. Thankfully, the folks in charge were prepared and had about 12,000 sqft of tents for everyone to pack into. Not every fest is like this so make sure to be prepared for an outdoor festival in Houston. :)

Warning- Photo heavy post with lots & lots of BBQ!

Sideshow Tramps

Our friend Patrick Feges from Feges BBQ & his girlfriend Erin "Assistant Pitmaster" Smith :)

We weren't able to hit all of the booths. Not because there wasn't enough food but because there wasn't any room left in our bellies. After the first two booths, we decided it would be best if we shared the samples & paced ourselves even though the noms smell made it soooo hard. If we wanted more, we could always go stand in line again.

The best part of this fest was that it wasn't a competition. Everyone was able to enjoy whatever booth they hit without thinking about how they were going to vote. The organizers of this fest visited 90+ BBQ places in and around Houston looking for those who represent the story of Houston BBQ. Thumbs up to the organizers, you guys did not disappoint! Not only was the food delish but you could see the pride in everyone's face when you picked up a plate at their booth.

I truly believe that BBQing is an art. The time, patience and devotion that these folks have for their nomtastic food is amazing! I am very happy I attended and I will make sure to attend every year from here on out!

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