Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Man has been Saved

Meet Little Man. He's the adorable and feisty pup that was abandoned on our front door a week ago today. Yes, I said abandoned. Someone put him in a box with some old shirts, a toy, a bag of food and left him at our front door. No note saying "I'm sorry, I couldn't take care of him." or even a twenty dollar bill. 

He was left there to start a new life with someone else. That someone else turned out to be us. We chose to foster this kid even when we already have five kids of our own. He was tossed into our life and we take great pleasure knowing that someone knew we would take care of him. Don't get me wrong though. We are not interested in folks dropping off random kids at our front door. But it makes us feel good knowing that someone knew we would take good care of him. Our neighbors know what we did with Remidog so we can only assume someone dropped off Little Man in hopes that we would take care of him as well.

Little Man looks to be very young. He's alert and friendly but its obvious that he's young. When he gets too excited and does the play bow he sometimes loses his footing. It's pretty funny if you ask me. :) He also has trouble seeing you if you move to fast which leads us to believe his eyes haven't been open for too long. He looks healthy but we won't know for sure until he goes to see the vet.

We've started a fundraiser in hopes that we can get donations for his puppy vaccines and his neutering. We plan on putting him up for adoption once he is neutered and any money left from his donations will go to a rescue here in Houston called Barrio Dogs, Inc. that has been kind enough to advise us on this fostering process. 

Visit our fundraiser called Help Little Man over at youcaring.com. Please help us by donating $5 or sharing with your friends.

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