Monday, March 24, 2014

Nomtastic Haute Wheels Food Truck Fest

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I had a freaking blast at the Haute Wheels Food Truck Festival. I took my mom with me cause she's never grubbed from a food truck and she never turns down new food! Reminds me of someone LOL! It was hotter than it has been in a while so you can imagine how everyone felt. The lines were reasonable at most trucks. The parking was a mess. Gotta do better on that HEB Beer and Garden. We really wanted to try Chi'lantro truck but the line was ridiculously long every time we tried so that was a no go. I've been meaning to try the Monster PBJ truck and finally had a chance to. Almond butter, apple slices, grape jelly panini grilled sammich? Yeah you cannot pass on that. It was delicious!

We had our share of sweets and mom tried Blue Moon beer for the first time. Think she's in love! It was a bit hard to eat, wipe the sweat off your face, hold your drink, and take pictures... so I didn't get too many pictures of the food :( This was my first food truck fest so I will be better prepared next year. I need to find out if they allow you to bring your own chairs cause there wasn't too many places to sit. Overall we had a great time and enjoyed the event. I'll see you next time Haute Wheels and I'll be very prepared for your nomtastic event!

Did you attend the Haute Wheels fest?! Have you attended any other food truck fests?!

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