Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Workspace Wednesday | Project Life

I've been meaning to take pictures of my Project Life completed weeks but I keep forgetting. By the time I remember, it's late and the beautiful sunlight has left. For those that don't understand what I mean.. the pictures look better with no overhead light because of the glare.

Anyways, this is week three (January 13th to January 19th) still in progress. I like to add my pictures and note cards prior to any of my journaling. For some reason I made week two full of pink shades so I decided to make week three mostly green shades. My first week sucks big time so I might redo it or just never show it to anyone LOL I haven't figured out my themes yet or how I want to journal.. guess that's why I'm going with the color theme for each week.

I'm new to this and I love that there are no rules!

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