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Book Hangover - Divergent Trilogy

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I've been all about this series since I started last week. It took me a bit to read the first one cause of work and such but Saturday I read Insurgent and all day Sunday I read Allegiant. No weekend snapshots post due to not doing shizzle but reading and washing clothes at home LOL I didn't even touch my Project Life stuffs. Like most of you.. after reading a series I get a huge book hangover. All I see and think is that series. Weird how our minds work right? I know this book is aimed at young adults but dammit it is totally worth the read. I think the message the writer, Veronica Roth, gives out to our youth and even grown folks is pretty damn awesome! After reading the first one, I saw the trailer for the movie again and got excited. After finishing the series, I went back and watched the trailer again and I got goosebumps. I've got multiple books I want to start, I'm just not ready to let go of the Divergent world. Nerd much? ;)

At the heart of the story is a 16-year-old girl who leaves her family for a rival faction, where she faces a brutal initiation, even as she keeps a secret that could lead to her death. But when unrest grows between the factions, she must decide whether to reveal her true self in order to save the ones she loves.

If you haven't read the Divergent series and do not want any spoilers or read any parts of the book, please do not continue. I don't want to spoil the series or the movie for anyone.


Images below are from my Kindle when reading the series.

What I enjoyed the most about this series was that the love story, although very important for the main characters, was not the center of the story. Everyone loves love right? I just don't like it when it takes over a movie or book and there's no story but that. I've read a couple of series and this is by far my favorite series. The action and the suspense were great. I'm sure it's not a perfect book and everyone has their own opinions but I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I started it over last night. I've never done that. 

I really like the actors that were picked for this movie. I'm srsly crossing my fingers that they go all out with the movie and don't skip any of the good stuffs.

I was sad to see the main character, Tris, sacrifice herself and leave Tobias heart broken but after reading what the author wrote.. I feel a bit better about her death. From Veronica Roth's website.
At the end, she had a conversation with David where she told him her beliefs about sacrifice, that it should come from love, strength, and necessity. That was a Tris who knew what she believed about selflessness. Who knew who she was. Who knew what she wanted to do. In each book she tried to emulate her parents’ sacrifice, and in each book she didn’t seem to understand what that sacrifice really was, until Allegiant. And it’s only in Allegiant, when she had a strong sense of identity, when she had a keen understanding of what she (and her parents) believed about selflessness, that her journey was over.

I thought about reaching out with my authorial hand and snatching her from that awful situation. I thought about it and I agonized over it. But to me, that felt dishonest and emotionally manipulative. This was the end she had chosen, and I felt she had earned an ending that was as powerful as she was.

In Insurgent, before she’s “executed,” she screams into nothingness, “I’m not done yet!”

In Allegiant, she asks her mother, “Am I done yet?”

And her mother says, “Yes. My dear child, you’ve done so well.”

I understand being upset about the loss of a character you care about, and I’m so glad you care about her, because I do, too. I am proud of the way this ending mirrors those of the other books, of the way it reflects the realistic (given the dystopian, dangerous setting) losses of those books, the way it shows what Tris is truly made of, and the way it concludes her hard-earned transformation. I think her love for her brother is beautiful, powerful.

I have heard a wide range of reactions to the book, and I accept and respect all of those reactions as valid. But my personal feelings about the ending haven’t changed. I will miss her, that Tris voice in my head. But I’m so, so proud of her strength.

Buy Divergent, the first book in the series on Amazon now. Divergent movie comes March 21st. Watch the trailer here. I'm pretty sure this series will be brought up again on my blog. I can't help it ;)

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