Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Watch A Lot of TV - Shameless

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My DVR and I are the bestest of friends. Like many of you, I watch various shows about the most random shit. What I've been trying to catch up on right now is a show on Showtime called Shameless. There's a UK version and a US version. I watched a couple of episodes of the US series and then forgot all about it. Then I caught an episode of the UK version on Netflix and couldn't get into it. Something about the accent and the characters already being introduced to me differently kept me away from it. About a month ago I started watching the US version again and now I can't stop watching it. It's a complete trainwreck but entertaining..

The series is based off a crappy drunk father Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) and his dysfuntional family of six kids who do whatever they can to survive. Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) is the oldest and has dedicated her life to her five siblings. She didn't graduate High School and her jobs are pretty shady. Then there's Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and 2 year old Liam who is black despite having two white parents due to a recessive black gene the Gallagher's acquired from Frank's grandmother, who (allegedly) had an affair with a jazz musician LOL!

The shit that happens is pretty weird. It's shit you wouldn't expect and shit that makes you say, "Damn these people are all types of messed up." They really are shameless folks but I guess when you're in the situations they get into.. you'd have to be shameless to survive. 

When I said this show is a train wreck, I was being dead serious. I'm thinking shows like this make it because there's so many of us that have no idea what it's like living like that and it's interesting to see how people like this survive. What's wild to me is that the way this family is living isn't far fetched from how a lot of American families are surviving. The thought of putting myself in say Fiona's shoes for a day is kind of scary to me. Lip once said something along the lines of in order to survive you have to lie, cheat, or steal because poor people can't survive any other way. Makes me wonder what the life of the Gallagher's would be like if Frank and Monica (the mother) stepped up as responsible parents and handled their business...

I'm on the last couple of episodes of Season 3, almost caught up to Season 4 that is now playing. If you're on the look for a new show, I recommend Shameless.

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