Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Planners/Agendas

2014 Planners/Agenda

A while back I bought a planner from Target by Sugar Paper. It looks similar to the spiral planners on this page. It's a nice little planner but I'm not really convinced that it will work for me. Last year I tried the Filofax planner and although I love my Gator Finsbury.. I don't like how small it is. The A5's are gorgeous but way too pricey.

The other day Breonna from Brewrites.com posted a picture on Instagram of her new Kate Spade planner. She loves everything Kate Spade and I don't blame her :) I went on a search for one of the four Kate Spade planners that look pretty nice. The one I like is the one on the top left above. The only one that isn't sold out is the one on the top right above. I'm not into roses or pink shit so of course that's not going to work for me. I thought about getting it and maybe covering it up with something else using mod podge.. but I'm not sure what the material feels like and if it would work out or not. I like the idea of a spiral book like Kate Spade's planners.

Since I've been searching for a good planner, I came across all the ones above and figured I'd share in case you were in the same boat as me. Do you use a planner or agenda to keep you in check daily?! If so, what do you have or did you make your own?! As usual, Pinterest is a good place to find some templates.

Happy First Friday of the year!

..till next time ;]

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