Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Snapshots - 3rd Weekend in December - Austin

Jessica couldn't get the Makers Mark open.

Jessica's pretty tree.

Half a tank to Austin.

Crazy looking clouds.
Jessica chose the last White Elephant gift.

Jessica's fantastical cookies.

My Christmas Jammies.

Jessica being antisocial LOL I kid!!

Scattergories. I sucked pretty hardcore. I think the letter here was O.

White Elephant theme was a $10 ornament. These are the gifts everyone bought.

KJ had her awesome onesie ready to go.

Beautiful set up by Jessica for the grub.

All the ladies from the Christmas Jammie Shindig.

My friend Jessica invited me to a Ladies Only Christmas Jammie Shindig at her casa in Austin. My plans were to leave early on Saturday but some things needed to be done to Fancy so I didn't leave till the early afternoon. Took me forever to get out of Houston thanks to the rain. Once on the road, it was smooth sailing. It was Fancy and I's first road trip and I think she did fantastical. Only took half a tank to get to Austin, not bad at all.

We ate a lot. We drank a lot. We giggled a lot. And we played Scattegories. I sucked really bad.. like really bad. It was fun to hang out with a group of females, even if I only knew the host LOL! I have the type of personality that allows me to have fun with strangers. Weirdo. Jessica was a great host! Not only did she feed me but she gave me a comfy bed to sleep in. I tried raw peppers for the first time, yellow red and orange. I think yellow is my favorite. Gift exchange went smoothly. We did a $10 ornament for the White Elephant game. I think two people got jacked but everyone was happy with what they got. I got a beautiful peacock and a pickle LOL!

My favorite part of the shindig was that everyone wore jammies. It wasn't a requirement to attend but I think it was cool frijoles that everyone did have one on instead of regular clothes. 

My drive back home wasn't too bad. I try to find someone going fast that has a radar ;) Makes it easier to spot the coppers LOL! It was super windy and Fancy and I kept getting pushed around and shit. One thing I'll never understand when I'm on a road trip is why folks think it is okay to drive on the left lane. Left lane is for passing only. So unless you're going to pass the two 18 wheelers in one jump, move the eff over to the right people.

..till next time ;]

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