Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Snapshots - 2nd Weekend in December

  • I went thrifting this weekend. Usually I wouldn't be interested in a couch like this.. it's red and leather. But this one was actually comfortable and very soft. $2,500 just isn't in my budget ;]
  • This painting was gorgeous! Colorful and everyone looks like they are having a good time. The details on the frame are ridiculous. $1,100 isn't in my budget either ;]
  • E & I went to the Argentina Cafe and went to town on some nomtastic Argentinian grub.
  • My beautiful girl, Leana Little, as usual in my grill when I'm snacking trying to give me the sad face so I can give her some. No siree Bob!
Its been a while since I've gone thrifting and my brain must have been set on going because I woke up early, showered and got dressed super quick. For the first time ever I was able to hit all three of my favorite shops. Didn't have much luck but I did buy some goodies I'm pretty excited about. More on that later. The rest of Saturday was me sitting in front of the TV catching up on some shows before their season finales. 

Sunday was a super lazy day. I didn't leave till late afternoon and when I did leave.. it was to go grub with E. We hit up the Argentinian Cafe in the Galleria area. I've been to a couple Argentinian restaurants in Houston and this one is truly my favorite. My dad always gives me shit about it cause he's convinced there's a better one closer to his house. Whatevs! The milanesa here is NOMS!! We also had empanadas and dessert!! I also love the atmosphere here. There's people from all over the place, not just Argentinians. Plus, I love hearing people from my country shooting the shit. I curse a lot, in English and Spanish, so it's awesome to hear them do the same! 

..till next time ;]

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