Monday, December 30, 2013

Noche Buena 2013

My exaggerated smile comes from my momma.

We're silly!

Noche Buena Dinner

Dinner, the ladies & me in the mirror behind the tree. 
My sister and one of her furkids!

Mom's delicious fruit cup!

What our toast consisted of.

Santa hooked my sister up with her first DSLR - Canon.

Sister Santa knows I love smoothies for breakfast!

Beautiful frame Santa Mom hooked us up with.

Beautiful Sony Nex-3N I bought myself for Christmas.

Sister Santa hooked me up.

Midnight toast with apple cider.

Dinner toast with Sangria

The three of us!
Hope everyone had a fantastical Christmas! I know I did. I ate a lot, drank a lot, laughed a lot and just overall had a blast with my mom and sister. Santa hooked us all up, I'm guessing cause we were all so good this year LOL!

Hanging out with my mom and sister is always entertaining cause we feed off each others silliness! I think we all got what we wanted from Sandy Claws and boy are we grateful. Sandy Claws hooked me up with a Canon Selphy compact photo printer so of course I had to hit Ikea up to get frames for all the pictures I've been printing. It's really nice to have it at home and not have to send them to Walgreens.

I hit up Best Buy Friday to get ink and photo paper for the printer and found this badass camera on sale. A friend of mine has had a Sony camera for years and I've always drooled over it. I couldn't afford one so I was content with D, my Nikon D60. But when I saw this Sony Nex-3N in the SALE area, I knew I had to jump on it.

It was considered a display item and that's why it was on sale for $195 from $400. I asked to check it out, make sure it wasn't all banged up, especially the lens, and everything looked great. I walked around with it for a while and read some reviews online. The sales dude kept walking past me helping other folks and I kept asking him random questions about the warranty and if I could return it for a full refund if I changed my mind. In the end he said he would make the decision easier on me by dropping the price from $195 to $149. Had he said that shit from the beginning I would have totally jumped on it.

I bought a two year warranty for it at $40.. I say I got a fucking deal. I'm still working on getting to know it and I'm pumped to see the awesome shots! Definitely the best Christmas present I've ever bought myself.

Came back to work today after being off five days and my body is telling me I've made a mistake and to head back to bed LOL!

Hope you had a fantastical Christmas and have fun plans for the New Year!

..till next time ;]

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