Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Love 12.20.13 - Gifs that Crack Me Up!

Happy Friday everyone! For today's Friday Love post, I'm sharing some of my favorite celebrity gifs! Some of these make me laugh no matter how many times I watch them. Hope you enjoy them too!

Fancy and I were pulled over this morning for no front license plate. In Texas you have to have both plates, front and back or else you get a ticket. I haven't received mine so duh! I don't have any. I laughed at his ass and drove away ticket free.. I called the dealership to check on my plates and the lady told me my plates have been in for a week and a half. Gotta love that fantastical customer service LOL!

Today is my last working Friday of the year thank goodness. I'll work Monday and Tuesday of next week and then will be back at work on the 2nd.. which happens to be my one year anniversary with my employer. Crazy how fast this year went by. I don't know if its because I'm getting older or because I was distracted with random shit this year that I didn't catch it when the days, weeks and months started flying past me. Do you feel the same?!

I love me some Jennifer Lawrence so I'm adding this Buzzfeed link that is just faneffingtastic!

..till next time ;]

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