Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Snapshots - 1st Weekend in December 2013

Funny pics from the Christmas party and one of my Remidog. Guess he liked the way the clothes softener smelled so he passed out on it LOL!

We attended E's company Christmas party on Saturday. It was by far the BEST party I've ever been to and I didn't even know anyone. His company rented out a bowling alley in downtown Houston named Lucky Strike and provided food and adult beverages ;] 

There was a bowling competition, ugly Christmas sweater competition and a crap load of dancing competitions. I haven't bowled in years so E and I totally should have warmed up but we were too busy mingling and I was eating everything in sight. LOL! Our ugly itchy sweaters had us sweating bricks most of the party and we didn't win but it was still fun to participate. They had an awesome photo booth with props, can't wait to get those pictures back. There was a fortune teller also that E and I both wanted to hit up but we totally forgot about her :/

I totally won the worse bowling player (& I'm totally not proud of it, actually really disappointed) and the prize ended up being given to a chick named ADriana, bizarre. Apparently the folks in charge realized there was a mistake made and hooked me up with some gift cards. I'm sure I coulda won some of the dancing competitions because of the cheering but since no one had a clue who I was, I didn't get jack..

We didn't attend to win anything, we attended to have a great time and mingle with some folks and that's exactly what happened. We had a blast and we received mucho love from E's bosses so that was awesome!

Sunday was a total recovery day. It's been a loooong time since I did that much activity, you know.. since I'm lazy and all. Bowling and dancing? Shizzle! My butt muscles are struggling today LOL!!

Hooking you up with this meme I made again since I'm sure everyone is feeling it.
How was your weekend?! Hope you stayed warm, it's been chilly in Houston.

..till next time ;]


  1. OMG i die! Look at them sweaters! I'm glad you guys had a blast at the party I would have been dying in those sweaters too... Reminds me of this sweater Marcus bought me one holiday I think our first xmas n e ways it was so heavy and itchy too i wanted to die but u know i had to be nice and keep rockin it. Love the pics!

    1. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices right?! haha!!

  2. Hilarious! Those are some quality sweaters.

  3. I love your hubby's grumpy cat sweater. I cannot believe that he did not win!

    1. There were some serious ugly sweaters in the competition. When we got there and we checked the people out.. we totally knew E wouldn't win LOL!

  4. How fun! What an awesome Christmas party!


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