Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Cards 2013

As usual I procrastinated and didn't get my Christmas cards done early like I had planned. I had the cards for months and I knew who I wanted to send it to but I really haven't been spending too much time in my craft room. I get home late from work and the fantastical traffic in my wonderful city and all I want to do is sit in front of the TV. And since I was behind on my shows, I really enjoyed sitting in front of the TV. I think I want to change that a bit come next year. Maybe not watch as much TV as I do now.. we'll see how that goes LOL!

I sent out ten cards this year so if ya didn't get one it was probably cause I didn't have your address or I don't give a crap about you. I kid, I kid LOL!!

Did you send out cards this year? Did you make them yourself or buy some already made? I bought mine at IKEA and they are UNICEF cards. I added some words and the Snoopy stamp on the envelope. I did see some washi tape cards that woulda been cool to make but again I'm a procrastinator LOL

Happy Hump Day!

..till next time ;]

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