Monday, November 11, 2013

Second Weekend of November

  • Elliott and I wrote our names with his Super Soaker. Don't judge us, we were bored.
  • My sister traded her Kia Soul in. She has a loaner until her new car comes in.
  • Fancy got a much needed wash.
  • My two guys hanging out on Remidog's recliner.. you can also see Leana Little's head LOL
  • Thought I'd share this since it's Monday and I'm sure everyone wants to sling a chair LOL
The fam and I had a great weekend. We slept in on Saturday and managed to get all of our errands done on Sunday with enough time to watch the Texans play and eat tasty milaneses made by yours truly. :) 

Saturday night E and I met up with his dad to celebrate his birthday. My FIL is in a band and it's always nice to go out and see them play some of my fav jams. Plus they had catered BBQ and cupcakes! Can't say no to that now can we? LOL

My sister traded her Soul in and is waiting for her new Soul to come in with the works. In the meantime they stuck her with a white Soul that reminds us of a refrigerator haha! It's always fun hanging out with my sister and mom. We always act a fool and eat awesome food. We went to Carraba's where we experienced shitty service. It's a huge deal to me when you're serving me food and you do it in a crap matter.

Overall I had a great weekend with good company and good grub.

Happy Monday & thank veteran's today for their extraordinary work in defending our country!

..till next time ;]

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