Friday, November 15, 2013

Link Line-Up 8.0

Cupcake from What's Up Cupcake Food Truck - Cookies N Cream

  1. Here's a recipe I'd love to try (someday lol) - Spinach+Articoke+Bacon Stuffed Soft Pretzels
  2. 30 Abandoned places that look pretty damn beautiful
  3. Mustache hangers.. I don't need to say anything else right? LOL
  4. Gritty photographs from the 1980s in New York
  5. 30 things we wish we could have told our younger self - Really, really good
  6. Have I told you how much I love Houston? Buy a shirt - F*ck Ya Houston's Awesome t-shirts
  7. We've all been using ketchup cups wrong - Watch this video to make life easier
  8. ERMAHGERD translator - Sometimes you need this LOL
  9. Looking for a cool DIY? Check out my Pinterest DIY board, I'm sure you'll find something
  10. Let's get weird, It's FRIDAY!
Have a great weekend!

..till next time ;]

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