Monday, November 4, 2013

First Weekend of November

  • Fantastical 8th wonder of the world - The Houston Astrodome
  • Saturday morning drive to the Astrodome
  • Waiting in line with my items from the Astrodome. Three 12x12 squares of Astroturf and two shirts.
  • Awesome old school football markers used at the Astrodome.
  • The group I had the pleasure of meeting in line :]
  • Fantastical Astro & Oilers signs for auction at the Astrodome
  • Fancy getting her first wash
  • Calamari appetizer from BJ's Brewhouse Saturday night
  • Chilango Maki from Miyako's Sushi bar Sunday night
I had a very good weekend. Visited the Reliant Arena for the Astrodome Yard Sale & Live Auction. Arrived suuuuuuper early and stayed in a line for pretty much the entire event. I bought some astroturf, shirts and seats for a friend. I'll do another post manana on that adventure. Best part was meeting people who love the Astrodome as much as I do. Crossing my fingers that tomorrow everyone votes for Proposition 2 and our city gets to keep the Astrodome.

Fancy got her first wash this weekend. It was magical since the dealer did a shitty job detailing her. Oh I decided to name her Fancy cause everyone kept saying.. 'She's so fancy Ari. You're gonna have to start wearing gowns and attending fundraisers' LOL! Pah-lease! If you know me, you know I don't do dresses so gowns are totally out of the question.

Had dinner with my mom and sister Saturday night. Visited BJ's Brewhouse which was good as usual. The waiters are always outgoing folks who always go the extra mile to make you smile. Sunday night E and I hit up Miyako's Sushi bar for some sushi-nomness. The Chilango Maki has got to be my favorite roll there. It has strawberries (my fav) and jalapenos. It's really one of the best rolls I've ever had.

How about you?! How was your weekend?! Any special plans for this week?!

Happy Monday!

..till next time ;]

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