Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Snapshots - 3rd Weekend in November 2013

  • Talenti Gelato. If you don't know what this is, you're slacking. Please step your game up.
  • Found this lonely Daryl Dixon bobble head at Urban Outfitters so I brought him home.
  • I plan on making my own version of this and possibly hanging it on my fire place where Dexter sits now.
  • E found this toothbrush donut holder he just had to have from Urban Outfitters.
  • E-Cigg charger Christmas tree? 
My weekend was pretty laid back. Bought a headset for my PS3 and played GTA 5 till about 2 am Sunday morning [edit] with my friend William a.k.a. FoBangah [/edit] LOL! It's been a long time since I've done something like that. I'd say the last time I did something like this was back when I played the first COD Blops.. I think that was two years ago or so. Of course being all pumped up by the game meant that I would wake up early the next day to play some more LOL 

I hit up the e-cigg store, Create E Cigg on Westheimer, twice this weekend. The goodies there are magical and the flavors are all over the place. Definitely recommend this place. I've been vaping for about 5 months now and not only do my lungs feel better but my wallet is in love with me haha! I've saved about $800 on not buying cigarettes. Occasionally I'll bum one from a coworker but i'm still pretty impressed with myself. My husband will be smoke free for two years in March. Also very impressive because he was a major chain smoker.

Sad Event of the weekend?! I spent $200 at Target Saturday. Pretty depressed about it but I just couldn't help it. I'm sure everyone feels my pain. It's like a freaking addiction.. you just can't stop. I always spend over $50 and it's heart breaking LOL!

..till next time ;]

Friday, November 15, 2013

Link Line-Up 8.0

Cupcake from What's Up Cupcake Food Truck - Cookies N Cream

  1. Here's a recipe I'd love to try (someday lol) - Spinach+Articoke+Bacon Stuffed Soft Pretzels
  2. 30 Abandoned places that look pretty damn beautiful
  3. Mustache hangers.. I don't need to say anything else right? LOL
  4. Gritty photographs from the 1980s in New York
  5. 30 things we wish we could have told our younger self - Really, really good
  6. Have I told you how much I love Houston? Buy a shirt - F*ck Ya Houston's Awesome t-shirts
  7. We've all been using ketchup cups wrong - Watch this video to make life easier
  8. ERMAHGERD translator - Sometimes you need this LOL
  9. Looking for a cool DIY? Check out my Pinterest DIY board, I'm sure you'll find something
  10. Let's get weird, It's FRIDAY!
Have a great weekend!

..till next time ;]

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Second Weekend of November

  • Elliott and I wrote our names with his Super Soaker. Don't judge us, we were bored.
  • My sister traded her Kia Soul in. She has a loaner until her new car comes in.
  • Fancy got a much needed wash.
  • My two guys hanging out on Remidog's recliner.. you can also see Leana Little's head LOL
  • Thought I'd share this since it's Monday and I'm sure everyone wants to sling a chair LOL
The fam and I had a great weekend. We slept in on Saturday and managed to get all of our errands done on Sunday with enough time to watch the Texans play and eat tasty milaneses made by yours truly. :) 

Saturday night E and I met up with his dad to celebrate his birthday. My FIL is in a band and it's always nice to go out and see them play some of my fav jams. Plus they had catered BBQ and cupcakes! Can't say no to that now can we? LOL

My sister traded her Soul in and is waiting for her new Soul to come in with the works. In the meantime they stuck her with a white Soul that reminds us of a refrigerator haha! It's always fun hanging out with my sister and mom. We always act a fool and eat awesome food. We went to Carraba's where we experienced shitty service. It's a huge deal to me when you're serving me food and you do it in a crap matter.

Overall I had a great weekend with good company and good grub.

Happy Monday & thank veteran's today for their extraordinary work in defending our country!

..till next time ;]

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Proposition 2 to save the Astrodome failed

Note: Lots of photos.

I spent most of my Saturday at the Reliant Arena for the Astrodome yard sale & live auction. I waited in three different lines for what seemed like forever. When E told me he couldn't make it due to skate practice, I knew I had to take one for the team and go on my own. And I did. I met awesome people who were just as happy as I was to be able to purchase a part of Houston history. No scratch that. A part of American history. I wouldn't miss this event for anything. 

I had an amazing time. Not only did I meet amazing people, but I heard all sorts of stories about the Astrodome and what it meant to different folks. It was great to mingle with people who cared about the Astrodome as much as I did. Seeing the items up for auction got me all emotional inside LOL! It was neat to see some really old things like the lockers and the Astrodome skylight glass. I bought three pieces of 12x12 astroturf, two shirts and a pair of seats for a friend. If the dome stays or goes, I am happy to say I own a piece of history. A piece of history that means so much to me.

As a kid I went to the rodeo three times in the Astrodome and I remember each of those days. I remember wondering why we needed the Reliant Stadium when we had a perfectly good stadium right next door. I remember wondering why we needed the Minute Maid Park (which was named differently originally) if the Astrodome was used by the Astros. I remember wondering (still to this day) why we have so many damn stadiums when our teams haven't really done anything to deserve them. I don't understand why it's okay to drop a whole bunch of money on new stadiums that have no historical value to our city but not for the 8th wonder of the world?

My morning started off by finding out the Astrodome did not win yesterday and thinking 'Damn you Houstonians!'. Why must we always demo historical buildings. Why must we not give two shits about our city and what it truly means to be a Houstonian. I wasn't born here and yet Houston means the world to me. I talk a lot of shit and say it would be nice to live here or there but in reality I don't think I could ever leave this city. Houston is one of a kind and I am happy.. no PROUD.. to call Houston MY city.

Shame on those who didn't vote and for those that voted against Proposition 2.

Did you know..
  • Elvis Presley performed here multiple times.
  • Selena broke the attendance record twice.
  • The Astrodome is the first stadium in the county to have two separate playing surfaces at it's disposal.
  • Metallica and Guns N' Roses performed here on their Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour.
  • The Battle of the Sexes tennis match happened here.
  • Muhammad Ali fought Cleveland Williams here in '66.
  • Evel Knievel jumped 13 cars two nights in a row here in '71.
  • The Astro Spiral car jump done in '72 was later done in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun.
  • The Rolling Thunder Revue Tour headed by Bob Dylan in '76 was hosted here.
  • The Rolling Stones performed three times here.
  • The Jacksons performed here in '84.
  • U2 filmed the music video for Stuck in a Moment you can't get out inside the Astrodome.
  • When Hurricane Katrina came through in '05, the Astrodome was there to help those in need of a dry place and even had a full field hospital.
  • The first artist to perform was Judy Garland in '65 with The Supremes being her opening act.
  • The Astrodome opened with Tifwau 419 Bermuda grass and then installed Astroturf in '66.
  • The Astrodome is the world's first mutli-purpose, domed sports stadium. Nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world.
Crossing my fingers that some private funding will save this place. We really don't need another parking lot. 

..till next time ;]

Monday, November 4, 2013

First Weekend of November

  • Fantastical 8th wonder of the world - The Houston Astrodome
  • Saturday morning drive to the Astrodome
  • Waiting in line with my items from the Astrodome. Three 12x12 squares of Astroturf and two shirts.
  • Awesome old school football markers used at the Astrodome.
  • The group I had the pleasure of meeting in line :]
  • Fantastical Astro & Oilers signs for auction at the Astrodome
  • Fancy getting her first wash
  • Calamari appetizer from BJ's Brewhouse Saturday night
  • Chilango Maki from Miyako's Sushi bar Sunday night
I had a very good weekend. Visited the Reliant Arena for the Astrodome Yard Sale & Live Auction. Arrived suuuuuuper early and stayed in a line for pretty much the entire event. I bought some astroturf, shirts and seats for a friend. I'll do another post manana on that adventure. Best part was meeting people who love the Astrodome as much as I do. Crossing my fingers that tomorrow everyone votes for Proposition 2 and our city gets to keep the Astrodome.

Fancy got her first wash this weekend. It was magical since the dealer did a shitty job detailing her. Oh I decided to name her Fancy cause everyone kept saying.. 'She's so fancy Ari. You're gonna have to start wearing gowns and attending fundraisers' LOL! Pah-lease! If you know me, you know I don't do dresses so gowns are totally out of the question.

Had dinner with my mom and sister Saturday night. Visited BJ's Brewhouse which was good as usual. The waiters are always outgoing folks who always go the extra mile to make you smile. Sunday night E and I hit up Miyako's Sushi bar for some sushi-nomness. The Chilango Maki has got to be my favorite roll there. It has strawberries (my fav) and jalapenos. It's really one of the best rolls I've ever had.

How about you?! How was your weekend?! Any special plans for this week?!

Happy Monday!

..till next time ;]

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Love 11.01.13 - Dia de los Muertos

Friday Love 11.01.13 - Dia de los Muertos

Feliz Dia de los Muertos everyone!
I collected some of my favorite Dia de los Muertos
goodies to share with you.

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world including other hispanic countries. Friends and family gather to pray and remember friends and family who have died. This holiday takes place November 1st and 2nd, some folks start October 31st. People build altares (altars) and honor the dead with sugar skulls, marigolds, favorite foods & drinks, and candles. It's a magical holiday where we can all get together and celebrate the dead.

Check out these pictures from buzzfeed. I was lucky to attend Noche de Altares in Santa Ana, CA in 2011, see pictures here (I share them every year LOL).

Will you be celebrating today and tomorrow?! Do you have an altar set up for friends and family?!

Have a great weekend!

..till next time ;]