Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In Memory of Opie Patch

My 'In MEMORY of OPIE' patch arrived today. Yeah it's that serious. #soa #sonsofanarchy #mc #ripopie #soafan #dontjudgeme #fx #fanhard @officialsoa

Yeah I went there. Don't judge me. Opie's death was extremely heart breaking in my house. Ever since Opie died, SOA just hasn't been the same. Lots of things have happened since his death and a lot of bad decisions have been made. Still, all the fans miss Opie and what he brought to the show. Of course when this season of SOA started, we all noticed the new patch Jax had on his vest saying 'In MEMORY of OPIE' and we probably all rushed to the internet to find one. Or maybe that was just me LOL! I bought mine right away but it was lost somewhere along the way so I contacted the seller and they sent me another one. I received it yesterday and cannot wait to put it on my military style crossover bag that I bought at the Houston Roller Derby bout last month. 

Even though Opie was a fictional character.. Rest in Peace Opie.

..till next time ;]

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