Monday, October 28, 2013

Fourth Weekend of October

  • Leana Little and my husband love smushing me on the couch
  • Coldass Bombshell Blonde from Poison Girl
  • Bumpy pumpkins from Randalls give me the shivers
  • My last picture taken with Gracie
I had to put a sad face on my face cause not only did I look busted but I was tearing up. See, I sold Gracie on Sunday. I sold her to get a newer and more reliable car.. that doesn't make it easier on me though. I've had Gracie for a little over six years and even though she's my second car.. I paid her off on my own. We've been through a lot and she's been fantastical to me. I know it sounds a bit childish and funny but I did cry when we drove off. I'm not very good with change, I'm trying to get better about that.

The great news is that I am picking up a new car today. I'm excited and nervous... it's all super bittersweet. My parents bought my first car before my twenties. I got my second car in my twenties and now my third car at the end of my twenties. E said it was time for an adult car and I agree but that doesn't mean I don't miss my bug.

After I told my dad that I was sad about Gracie he sent me a text saying VIVA EL FUTURO! Which kinda translates to Live for the future or something similar. Guess he's trying to tell me not to think about the past and be happy with what the future holds for me. Still, how can I mourn my old car if I'm supposed to be excited about my new car yanno?! I'm sure my mourning will be over as soon as I drive my new car home Lol! Thinking of doing a poll for a new name.. new car is black and I want something clever. Stay on the look out for that. :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

..till next time! ;]

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