Monday, October 7, 2013

First Weekend of October

Tom Ford's first wash! #beautifulday in the H today. #tomford #ford #f150 #texasedition #texasbaby #carwash #houston #blackass Taz is finally leaving! Hallelujah! It's been nice knowing ya but Gracie wants her garage back! #nissan #200sx #byebye #red #Houstonia Magazine #October edition. 50 best restaurants in #Houston. How we became America's hottest #food town. #noms I missed out on #September, couldn't find it anywhere. Pretty bummed about it. @houstoniamag #houtx #texasbaby #ilovemycity #hiwi Saturday's grub! NY style #pizza in #Houston. Apparently I was so excited to eat that I forgot to post it  #noms #BrothersPizzeria #houtx @yougottaeatthis #yougottaeatthis #nomtastic
  • E's new truck, Tom Ford, getting washed for the first time
  • E's brokeass car getting towed out of our garage after a year and half
  • October's Houstonia Magazine edition
  • Brother's Pizzeria's large NY style pizza

I'm hoping to share at least four pictures every Monday of the previous weekend. I'm totally crossing my fingers that I'll stick to this :] I had a great weekend except the end when the Texans lost. I'm still a fan though, I could never give up on my team!

Gracie finally got her garage back when Taz, E's dead car, was finally picked up and taken far, far away! And since Tom Ford is too big to fit in the garage, she doesn't have to share. #winning. This Houstonia Magazine is full of nomtastic food in Houston & I'm loving it. I've been buying this magazine since it came out a couple of months ago and it's a great read. I couldn't find the September Edition anywhere so I'm a bit sad about that. Might hit them up and see if they have any extras they'd be interested in parting with. I should just get a subscription huh? Yeah I'll set that up soon.

..till next time ;]

I sent a tweet to Houstonia Magazine to see if they would sell me a copy of September's edition..

These folks are awesomesauce! Definitely check them out.

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