Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thrift Finds 7.0

Thrift Finds

It's been a while since I've gone thrifting. If I have spare time, I normally search for Goodwill's in the area. But my best thrift finds are when I go out with my mom. Idk if she just sees things I don't or if she's my good luck charm :]
Let's start with what I didn't buy..

Training Wheels Ride
The training wheels made me giggle.

Bobby Brown Vinyl
Anything Bobby Brown makes me giggle.
I've seen too many scary movies with haunted masks.
Pabst Blue Ribbon glasses
Not a fan of this beer.
Hawaii Letter/Bills Holder
Been seeing a lot of Hawaii stuff lately.
Big Letters
I really have no use for them but they were nice.
Vintage pictures
Vintage pictures are always awesome
Salt & Pepper shakers - Hawaii
Salt & Pepper Shakers from Hawaii.
Mirror I should have bought
Should have bought this mirror.

This is what I actually bought..
Dirty Dancing Vinyl
Dirty Dancing Vinyl. Been a fan since forever. Don't judge me.

AstroWorld Shot Glass
Texas Cyclone was one of first rides I've ever been on. I miss AstroWorld.
Calvin & Hobbes book
Bought three Calvin & Hobbes books for E. Fantastical price.

Calvin & Hobbes book
CalCalvin & Hobbes bookvin2
James Patterson Book
I can't say no to James Patterson books.

The three thrift stores I love close around 5ish. I get out of work at 4 and by the time I make it to that side of town it's 5:30ish. Sucks. They close at 2 on Saturday and they're closed on Sundays. So my only option to hit them up is early Saturday morning. On my recent visit, I saw a lot of things I normally would have purchased but the prices were ridic. Idk if it's cause the stores are getting popular and that's why they're upping the prices or what the hizzie is going on. If those prices don't come down soon, i'm going to have to find new places. It's not right for thrift stores to have the same prices as dept stores or places like Ross, TJ Maxx. Those aren't thrifting prices..

Anyways, have ya been thrifting lately?! Any cool finds?! I'm going to start hashtagging my finds with #326finds so if ya wanna share anything with me, use that hashtag. :) For my past thrift finds visit my flickr.

..till next time ;]

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