Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanks Klout- Gravity Movie Perk

Klout once again has given me a movie perk. This time I was given two tickets to go watch Gravity featuring George Clooney & Sandra Bullock. If you haven't already seen the trailer here it is..

Trippy huh? I can't imagine being stuck in outer space like that. I would most definitely have a panic attack. 

Lucky for us we get to watch it tonight. How I was able to sign up for this perk on such short notice is weird. Normally movie perks go fast. Guess not too many folks are interested in this. I know when I first saw the trailer on TV, I was saying 'Holy smokes batman, that's freaky.' Stay tuned for a review.

Are there any movies coming out soon that you're interested in watching?!

..till next time ;]

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