Monday, September 30, 2013

Learning & Mingling at Blog Elevated


Ari & Connie Badge

Blog Elevated was ah-mazing! I met so many fantastical people and learned so much from them. I'm not a big part of the in crowd in Houston's blogging scene so meeting all these people was huge for me! I knew some of the people there- ah, who am I kidding?! I didn't know anyone personally but I was stalking them prior to attending the conference LOL! I did know Connie from Momma of Dos. I met her last year at a different conference and we've stayed in touch since. Online friendships are major in my life. I mean.. I've been online since '97 and some of my online friendships are over a decade long. This is why attending conferences is a big deal, not just for an excessive amount of learning but because the friendships you make can last a lifetime!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 Year Anniversary

Today is my 5 year anniversary with E! He is still able to give me butterflies daily especially when he cooks or buys me food :]

E and I went to high school together but never spoke. We knew of each other and had mutual friends but we never talked. Years after high school we finally connected, through MySpace of all places LOL! Hurricane Ike was heading towards our part of the country and that would start the beginning of our relationship.

We've had a lot of ups and downs and they've made our relationship incredibly strong. Life hasn't been easy on us but we've always pulled through. I am grateful to have such a hard working man on my team.
Thank you for loving me Elliott and being the best support team ever!

Happy 5 year Anniversary Handsomecakes! Let's grow old together yes?!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hello Autumn!

My furkids are on a routine, a potty routine that is. They know the weekday routine consists of mom (me) letting them out around 6:15 am. On the weekends they expect me to do the same. Pffft! They huff & puff until my husband or I get annoyed and get up. Sometimes if either of us is close to the edge of the bed we'll get a cold, wet nose slammed into our face. That's normally Remidog. He thinks it's a great way to wake us up. Jay likes to do the loud exhaling and since she's older we know she means business when she harasses us to use her business. See what I did there? Heh..

So this morning I got out of bed at 7 am and let all the kids out. I immediately noticed how cool the morning was and stepped outside to absorb it. I had no idea today was the first day of Autumn until I looked at my phone. Autumn excites me! It's a beautiful season. Houston is populated by a lot of trees and one of my favorite things of Autumn, aside from the cool weather, are the color changing leaves. Notice I didn't say raking the leaves..

Goodbye Summer, we'll see you next year.

..till next time ;]

P.S. I'm working on my Blog Elevated Post. I haven't decided if it'll be just one post or two. I can't even tell you how much fun I had and allll the learning I did. Mingling with so many amazing people was the best part. I'm incredibly grateful to have been a part of this wonderful event.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanks Klout- Gravity Movie Perk

Klout once again has given me a movie perk. This time I was given two tickets to go watch Gravity featuring George Clooney & Sandra Bullock. If you haven't already seen the trailer here it is..

Trippy huh? I can't imagine being stuck in outer space like that. I would most definitely have a panic attack. 

Lucky for us we get to watch it tonight. How I was able to sign up for this perk on such short notice is weird. Normally movie perks go fast. Guess not too many folks are interested in this. I know when I first saw the trailer on TV, I was saying 'Holy smokes batman, that's freaky.' Stay tuned for a review.

Are there any movies coming out soon that you're interested in watching?!

..till next time ;]

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I want a vintage typewriter

I want a vintage typewriter.

All images from searching 'typewriter' on tumblr.

Going to search for a cool typewriter on my next thrifting adventure.
Hope to snag one on the cheap side and bring it home to become my best friend!

..till next time ;]

Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple Stories Sn@p Binder

I've been meaning to start something similar to Becky Higgin's Project Life but I've been hesitant because it's not a cheap process. With printing your own pictures, buying embellishments, finding a pen and stamp pad that works on matte pictures, buying binders, and the PL cards.... yeah it can get really pricey and really fast. I decided to start a similar jounaling process by using Simple Stories Sn@p binder. It's smaller and cheaper for me.

I first got the idea from Instagram and the many enablers that I follow LOL! I mean that in a good way though, theses ladies are super talented and a great inspiration to me and many others. The enabler that totally helped me start this up was Jasmine from JazzyChalks.com and this post she made about how she started. Since then she's moved on to the actual Project Life brand. Thanks for the idea Jasmine!

I did my first page last night and I had mucho fun! I think I need to stick to a theme, but I'm not sure what that is yet. So for now, I'll keep trucking along and hoping it all makes sense. I'm also not going to do a week per page. I decided to do random photos/events for each month. I'm starting off with August since it's already done and easier to plan. I don't have a limit on how many pages I'll be using and I'm sure I'll use a binder for multiple months. That of course will depend on how many photos/events happen per month. I'll split my months with the dividers that came with the binder. Anyways, check out my first page below..

First page in my Sn@p binder First page in my Sn@p binder First page in my Sn@p binder First page in my Sn@p binder

I bought my binder and some goodies from Archivers, but you can buy them at Hobby Lobby, Michales, or online. We R Memory Keepers also has their own journaling kit with a 3x4 card cutter that I bought a month ago. The three cards that I used here are from Studio Calico's Project Life kit. I'm not a subscriber but I just had to have the latest kit because of this awesome stamp below. It's called the from Me to You Date Stamp by Pebbles. I just couldn't say no!! I am also a Studio Calico Scrapbook kit monthly subscriber. I'm starting to think I may have subscribed for the wrong kit LOL! I print my photos at Walgreens by using the Pic Stitch app on my iPhone (available for Android too). I print two 3x4 images on one 4x6 sheet, makes it not so pricey.

From Me to You Date Stamp (Pebbles)

Are you part of the Project Life crew or are ya doing your own journaling process?
Have any tips or ideas that might help me?! 

..till next time ;]

P.S. Thanks to my Instagram enablers, I now want a vintage typewriter LOL!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Short Road Trip to Lake Charles, LA

#Minivacation with my #Boocakes today to celebrate MY #bestmans 30th birthday! #excited #vacations are good for the #soul even if they are short.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
All pictures taken with my iPhone 5 and edited with VSCOcam

Saturday was my best man's 30th birthday & he invited us to Lake Charles to gamble with him. Yes, that's right. I said my best man! J is one of E's looooong time friends and he's always been an awesome guy. He also saved Gracie when she messed up a couple of years ago. For the longest time I kept telling both of them that if E and I got married one day that J would be my best man. And then E and I booked our flight to Vegas for our wedding... and we called MY best man to come do his thang. He booked a flight and hotel room for him and his gal and were there on our special day. <3 Lake Charles is about 2 and half hour drive so we didn't think twice when he invited us.
  • Gator, my Filofax reminding me of our mini vacation
  • Major accident on our way to Lake Charles, LA which kept us in a standstill for over an hour
  • After the standstill we went in and out of crazy thunderstorms with clouds like this
  • Our hotel room looked alright but the bed hurt like crazy
  • Our view was glamorous
  • Signed up for my first Fan Club card
  • E with his chips & J standing in front of a restaurant that looked super shady 
  • E's 'I won $20' face with J smiling next to him
  • Grub at the hotel restaurant - The Seafood gratin was ridiculously good
  • Walking down the steps to the first floor to find better slot machines
  • I won $80 on the Family Guy slot machine, def my favorite.. hence all the pictures haha
  • & the last picture is of the toilet in our hotel room.. with a razor blade at the bottom..
Overall the trip was fun! We got to hang out with our friends and made some new friends too. We're not gamblers so we didn't go hard in the paint on the slots but E did make some cash playing Blackjack. One thing that really stood out to us was how friendly the dealers were. They taught ya how to play and told you stories about gambling situations they've seen. Extremely different from what we expected. Yeah the room and food were crap but we weren't there for that. We were there to spend time with our good friend and that's exactly what we did. Happy Birthday J! <3

..till next time ;]

Friday, September 6, 2013

Where I'd rather be today..

I've had a rough couple of weeks at work and you could say I'm a bit stressed out. 
This is where I'd rather be today..



Hawaii Beach House

carsland - disneyland
Source - Me

#TraderJoes #organic wheat bread & crunchy #cookiebutter for breakfast. Trying out the crunchy cookie butter for the first time. #nomnoms #excitamated
Source - Me

Somewhere in New Mexico hanging out in my backyard patio.

  • Somewhere in New Mexico hanging out in my backyard patio drinking a beer.
  • Somewhere in the Philippines enjoying the sun & water.
  • Somewhere in Hawaii hanging out by my pool while staring at the volcano?
  • Somewhere on Venice Beach about to rent a bike.
  • Somewhere in Carsland, Disneyland about to eat a funnel cake of some sort.
  • At home on the couch watching TV and eating Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter with Wheat bread.
Have a great weekend!

..till next time ;]

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diamond Candles Giveaway Winner is...

Congratulations to Jamie Nelson. I will be emailing you shortly with info on how to order your fantastical candle from Diamond Candles. Nope you don't actually get a chicken dinner. I know, i'm sorry, I totally tried to convince them but they said no haha!

I really hope you enjoy your candle and the fantastical surprise ring. Don't forget to let us know which scent you ordered and what your ring looks like. :]

..till next time ;]

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thrift Finds 7.0

Thrift Finds

It's been a while since I've gone thrifting. If I have spare time, I normally search for Goodwill's in the area. But my best thrift finds are when I go out with my mom. Idk if she just sees things I don't or if she's my good luck charm :]
Let's start with what I didn't buy..

Training Wheels Ride
The training wheels made me giggle.

Bobby Brown Vinyl
Anything Bobby Brown makes me giggle.
I've seen too many scary movies with haunted masks.
Pabst Blue Ribbon glasses
Not a fan of this beer.
Hawaii Letter/Bills Holder
Been seeing a lot of Hawaii stuff lately.
Big Letters
I really have no use for them but they were nice.
Vintage pictures
Vintage pictures are always awesome
Salt & Pepper shakers - Hawaii
Salt & Pepper Shakers from Hawaii.
Mirror I should have bought
Should have bought this mirror.

This is what I actually bought..
Dirty Dancing Vinyl
Dirty Dancing Vinyl. Been a fan since forever. Don't judge me.

AstroWorld Shot Glass
Texas Cyclone was one of first rides I've ever been on. I miss AstroWorld.
Calvin & Hobbes book
Bought three Calvin & Hobbes books for E. Fantastical price.

Calvin & Hobbes book
CalCalvin & Hobbes bookvin2
James Patterson Book
I can't say no to James Patterson books.

The three thrift stores I love close around 5ish. I get out of work at 4 and by the time I make it to that side of town it's 5:30ish. Sucks. They close at 2 on Saturday and they're closed on Sundays. So my only option to hit them up is early Saturday morning. On my recent visit, I saw a lot of things I normally would have purchased but the prices were ridic. Idk if it's cause the stores are getting popular and that's why they're upping the prices or what the hizzie is going on. If those prices don't come down soon, i'm going to have to find new places. It's not right for thrift stores to have the same prices as dept stores or places like Ross, TJ Maxx. Those aren't thrifting prices..

Anyways, have ya been thrifting lately?! Any cool finds?! I'm going to start hashtagging my finds with #326finds so if ya wanna share anything with me, use that hashtag. :) For my past thrift finds visit my flickr.

..till next time ;]

P.s. 11 hours left on the Diamond Candle giveaway. Sign up here.