Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Work Space at 3twentysix

I harassed E a lot this weekend while fixing up my work space. I'd rearrange something and be like 'Cakes, come look. What do you think?' He would pause his game, huff & puff and make his way towards the room. He'd then say 'It looks great cakes!' and give me a kiss on the forehead and walk back out. Great support huh? Lol! Yes we call each other cakes, short for babycakes or sweetcakes. Don't judge us Lol!

My work space is full of Ikea stuff, garage sale stuff, mom got it from work stuff, & random shizz I found thrifting. None of the furniture in my house matches... I kinda like it that way. It's unique or tacky Lol! The entire house is pretty much random but it says Reed Casa so we're happy with it. :]

08.20.13 08.20.13

Wouldn't be a sweet work space without a Gabe Leonard print. This is one of my favs. The 5 Foot Fury VA license plate is from one of my good friends - She sent it to me for Christmas cause she loves me! The Texas plate is from my first car. The Camel boxes are from when I use to smoke :/ Yes that's a penis hanging, got it at a friends bachelorette. It makes bubbles Lol!


Bookshelf is from Ikea and so is the Raskog cart. The white fake roses at the top are from the day I got married in Vegas :]


Some of my film cameras that I adore so much. I really need to start taking more pictures with them. Both of the Polaroid cameras work and I do have film for them but I'm one of those people that doesn't want to use it cause it's so damn pricey to replace. Wooden man taking care of the cameras is from Ikea too.


Random books that I can't seem to part with. The photo albums on the right are full of my baby pictures so I def can't get rid of those. I'm a big James Patterson fan - There's only two books here but I have a box full of The Woman's Murder Club book series of his. Another of my favorites is Karen Walrond's book The Beauty of Different, very good book. Check her blog out here.


More books, toys and unfinished SmashBooks. The Hershey's Pure Milk Chocolate box is one of my fav thrift finds! The frame is from my mom. She printed out some of Mother Teresa's rules to life and gave it to me for Christmas. She loves me too! :]

Nothing to special or badass but it's my little area and I love it! Click the pictures to make them bigger or visit flickr for the entire set.

I like seeing other people's work space so if ya have a picture or a post, please share!

..till next time ;]

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