Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ikea & my Craftroom

Since purchasing Gator I've been hanging out in my office/craft-room a bit more. My husband loves it cause he jumps on his PS3 and doesn't get harassed by me whatsoever. Getting this room the way I want it is working out nicely for me. This past weekend I finally gave in to all the enablers on Instagram. I bought myself an Ikea Raskog cart that's meant for the kitchen but I don't know anyone who actually uses it in there Lol! The cart comes in a beautiful turquoise or a dark grey. I bought the dark grey one because it flows better in my office. What I'm loving the most about this is the wheels. I can be in any place in my house and have the cart next to me. 

RÅSKOG Kitchen cart
Filled up RÅSKOG Kitchen cart

The top section stores my small collection of washi tape, pens, glue, single hole punch, rulers, scissors & the small cardstock is in a box. The middle section stores my punches, stickers & embellishments in a box. The bottom section holds my stamps - wood and clear - with the stamp pads. I use Ikea boxes and they fit nicely in each section. I use the tops of the boxes to hold the things I use the most like certain labels or stickers. Makes it easier to find what I want. 

Filled up RÅSKOG Kitchen cart

I can't even explain how useful this little cart is. I might have to get another one soon Lol! My husband doesn't like it when I visit Ikea cause I always spend over the limit I personally set for myself Lol! I can't help it - it's freaking Ikea dammit! $80+ is how it works out for me and my bank account haha! I walk in there with a plan, always. But I get inspired and all these ideas come rushing in and I can't not follow them. That would just be wrong haha!

What's in your craft room that is super useful and you can't live without?!

..till next time ;]

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