Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We upgraded our phones - iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S4

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Contracts suck.. but sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. My husband's contract with TMobile ended Monday which meant he was finally able to upgrade his POS MyTouch4g. Hallelujah! I convinced him to come to AT&T with me where the service is better. I'm not saying AT&T is the best everywhere, but in Houston it does what it needs to do without problems. Hallelujah again! 

He was pretty sure that he was going to get the iPhone 5 and boy was I jealous. There's nothing wrong with my 4S. It's actually the best phone I've ever had. No problems whatsoever but still.. who doesn't want the latest of the latest when it comes to gadgets yanno. Everything was great until our Sales Rep Andy offered us this bad ass bundle that they had for Samsung products. It all went downhill from there. The bundle meant he could get the Samsung Galaxy S4+the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for $399 and also upgrade my phone from a 4S to the iPhone 5 for $199. Of course I was rooting for this bundle but it going to come down to his decision not mine. We spent a little over three hours in the AT&T store. E couldn't decide if he wanted the iPhone or the Galaxy. I thank Andy for putting up with us. It's not an easy task lol We are loud (ok, maybe just me) and we curse a lot and then there's the fact that we vape so we definitely stand out from other customers. Oh and I'm also ghetto as hell sometimes lol

In conclusion my boo got the Samsung bundle and I got the iPhone 5. I'm in love with my new gadget and I can't tell you how happy he is. He was like a child in a candy store.. no wait, it was like my grown ass husband was in a candy store. He has a major sweet tooth lol Best part about this is that I was able to trade in my 4S and collect $180 to put towards the 5. My line wasn't ready for an upgrade so if he we didn't get the Samsung bundle then I would have had to pay $650 for the 5. Thank goodness for bundles!

I gave Andy a lot of shit cause I was planning on getting E an iPad for our 5 year anniversary but nooooo he screwed that all up lol! Overall I think we came out winning and our bill will only be an extra $10. Not a bad deal.

I want to mention that I've been a TMobile/Aerial/Voicestream customer since I was 17 and have never had any problems with the phones and the customer service has always been on point. But last year I decided to switch in order to save money and get my love, Shanky (4S). 

Before getting a new phone or signing a new contract - Always do your research!

So tell me, what gadgets do you have and what service provider. Are ya satisfied? 

..till next time ;]

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