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Review: The Conjuring - Creepiest Movie I've seen in a long time

Disclaimer: I received two free tickets from Klout for my influence but I didn't get paid for this review nor was I asked to make one. I did a review because I was very impressed with this movie. All images were found on Google Images.

I love scary movies. Gory, creepy, & trippy movies included. I've been a fan since I was a kid and realized that it's not the movie that's actually scary but the sound effects that trip you out the most. The majority of the scary movies I've seen the last couple of years have not scared me but amused me. I'm the one who is always laughing at them while my friends are screaming or squeezing the shizz out of my hand Lol! Most movies that claim to be scary are weak and cheesy but this one was good, real good!

I had a chance to see The Conjuring last night thanks to Klout and the perk I signed up for. I could tell you how my experience at the theater was (crappy service) but that would take away from the actual movie experience so I'll continue with my positive review.

The Perron family from the movie.

The story goes like this - The Perron family, all seven of them (Parents & five daughters), moved into the farmhouse in the winter of 1970. Things started getting weird and really frightening the family so they searched for help. That's where Ed and Lorraine Warren come into the picture. They are famous for the Amittyville house haunting and this farmhouse is their second most famous story. In this movie they discuss some of their other cases which seem to be just as interesting as the Perron's story.

I won't give you details on how the story goes (no spoilers allowed) but I will tell you that I was highly impressed. The acting was great not only by the adults but by the children as well. The story made sense and didn't make me question it at all. I liked that any questions I may have had were all answered. It annoys me a bit when questions aren't answered and you're left with the wtf factor. There were a couple inconsistencies here and there, but overall still a really good movie. I'm a picky movie watcher, I acknowledge that it's just a movie but I also appreciate when the movie is made so real that it sucks you in and you feel like a part of it. I enjoyed the lack of digital effects. Nowadays most movies are full of digital effects and you wonder what's real and what isn't. This movie hardly has any, major plus for me!

I've never been a fan of Lili Taylor, she portrays the mother Carolyn Perron but I was really impressed with her in this movie. She is somewhat the main character and did very well.

The kids in this movie were really good as well. When a creepy scene approached I was genuinely scared for them. I remember getting goosebumps multiple times when watching them freak out. Not to mention my husband and I were squeezing the crap out of each others hands Lol!

The real Perron daughters above and the girls who played them in the movie below.
If you're into scary movies, I highly recommend you watch this movie. Everything about this movie was on point and I left the theater really satisfied which is rare for me heh!

Andrea Perron 

The oldest Perron daughter, Andrea, wrote a book titled House of Darkness House of Light, i'm thinking of hitting up at the library and checking this out. Also if you don't mind spoilers (I love them) visit TheChasingFrog's site with more details on the house, the family, and the story of who haunted the house. 

The Conjuring will be released July 19th, 2013 in a theater near you. Visit their site, facebook, and twitter.

Lili portraying Carolyn and two of the Perron daughters

Ed Warren

Annabelle the doll

Actress Vera Farmiga portraying Lorraine Warren

Ed & Lorraine Warren

I didn't get paid for this review nor was I asked to make one. I did a review because I was very impressed with this movie. All images were found on Google Images.

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