Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shows that have my attention

I'm a fan of TV and movies - You probably already figured that out. What I'm not a fan of is reality shows. I can watch them for a little bit but then I get really frustrated. I was talking to a friend yesterday about shows we watch and shows we can't wait to start up again. Here's what has my attention..

Dexter's final season is on now. Makes me sad to see this show go but it's been an awesome season so far.
Check it out on Sundays on Showtime.

Graceland is on it's first season and is entertaining. Not the best show on now, but it's got my attention. Undercover cops living the good life in LA- Yeah, I'm watching that.
Check it out on Thursdays on USA.

Ray Donovan is on it's first season also. A bit of a slow starter but it's full of suspense and dead folks (ruthless killings).
Check it out on Sundays after Dexter on Showtime.

Shows I'm waiting for super impatiently..

Boardwalk Empire is my shizz! It's so ruthless and CRAZY!
Season 4 starts Sept 8th on HBO.

Homeland is all types of wild. I think this new season is going to surprise a lot of folks.
Season 3 starts Sept 29th on Showtime.

Sons of Anarchy has episodes that make me want to strangle some of the main characters. Hoping for some real changes in the new season.
Season 6 starts Sept 10th on FX.

The Walking Dead has my attention only because it has zombies. The trailer for Season 4 makes me want to punch someone.
Season 4 starts October 13th on AMC.

I might be forgetting something here... So what are you currently watching and what's starting this fall for you?

..till next time ;]

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