Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Filofax Gator and I have become the best of friends

Random notes in Gator. #finsbury #filofax #filofaxlove #organizedlife #3twentysix Made some dividers today w card stock for Gator & bought some #monkey stickers. #finsbury #filofax #filofaxlove Back of the divider I made. #workhard #stayhumble Be in love with your life. Every minute of it! #filofax #filofaxlove #finsbury #3twentysix #week29 in #gator326 #filofax #filofaxlove #filofaxaddict #3twentysix #finsbury #planner ##ABeautifulMess Saturday will be one month smoke free!  Eek!!

I made my own dividers, more like I just cut card stock and put Avery Martha Stewart sticky tabs on them to use as dividers Lol! I also bought the famous Target $1 bin post-it's. They don't stick well for shizz so I've been sticking them down with adhesive. Seems to work pretty well. I decided to do the Martha Stewart tabs instead of making an actual divider tab so that I can move it around without any issues. I've also been finding cool stickers to add like the monkey stickers :) The Avery Martha Stewart color coding labels are also useful for things like shows that I need to remember to watch or DVR (Dexter, Graceland).

This Saturday marks a very important day for me. It will be one month smoke free! I think I've smoked three cigarettes this month and that's a major improvement since a pack lasted me a day and half. Bad I know but at least I've made a major improvement :) I'm still smoking my e-cigg (ego-c) which is very helpful and I don't seem to be thinking much about cigarettes which is weird.. anyhow, congrats to me!!

All Filofax images are in my flickr folder named Filofax.

Happy Hump Day!

..till next time ;]

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  1. Okay, so I see that this post is from like waaaay back, but my unicorn planner is an Erin Condren that I plan on getting this Christmas - we should have a 2015 planner crafting party where we can get together and make our 2015 planners full of awesome....


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