Monday, July 8, 2013

FEED an awesome Target Campaign

Going to Target means spending money. So if I'm going to spend money why not help feed people in need. That's what the latest campaign at Target is all about. From the Feedprojects.com website..
FEED Projects' mission is to create good products that help FEED the world. We do this through the sale of FEED bags, bears, t-shirts, and other accessories by building a set donation into the cost of each product. Thus the impact of each product, signified by a stenciled number, is understandable, tangible, and meaningful.
We take great pride in using environmentally-friendly and artisan-made materials, along with fair-labor production, in creating all FEED products.
We stand behind our brand and the organizations and humanitarian programs each FEED product supports. Ultimately, we believe that everyone has the right to basic human necessities, such as healthy and nutritious food. FEED is proud to help FEED the world, one bag at a time.
Each item you purchase has a number on it that let's you know how many meals it will provide for children+families across America. It helps those in need right here in our own country. The merchandise is of good quality and very fashionable.
Ladies - FeedLadies - Feed
Ladies section
Ladies - Feed

Men's - Feed Men's - Feed
Men section
Home - Feed
Home section
With this purchase we provided 51 #meals to children and families across #America. Best #Target campaign yet! #feed #merica #give #help #feedlovewithlove #feedchangegrow. Men tee, woman tee, cross body bag, pencil case w five pencils and a sharpener. #fee
This is what I purchased. Crossbody bag, pencil bag with five pencils & a sharpner, men shirt and a ladies shirt. With this purchase we provided 51 meals to children+families around America.

Hit up your Target and spread the word. I know this isn't like Neiman Marcus or Missoni's digs but this is where we should be spending our money! Start giving back by purchasing something from this campaign. They have all sorts of goodies for everyone's taste.

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