Friday, July 26, 2013

Alex Elle - Words from a Wanderer

I first heard about Alex Elle from Instagram. I would see images like the two above with her words and I would then re-post it. I didn't read more on her until a friend posted a page from Alex's book that referred to Self love. I googled her and found her website, her instagram and her book on Amazon. I started following her on all of her social media sites. Her words make me smile. Her words make me say 'YES' really loud. She says things we all kind of wish we could say to our friends and ourselves but can't put the words together. The two images above are probably my favorite of her sayings. The top one is something I've felt for about a year now that should be considered a must!!

I just bought her book (finally) from Amazon called Words from a Wanderer: Notes and Love Poems. I can't wait to receive it and be blessed with some truth. If you're not yet ready to buy her book, follow her on instagram. She has lovely photos and also puts up deep sayings from her book.

Have a good weekend!

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