Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We upgraded our phones - iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S4

New #gadgets at the Reed Casa! #iphone5 #upgrade for me and the #galaxys4 + #galaxytab2 cause we're #spoiled! #upgrade #att #techfamily #yeayuh #teamiphone!!

Contracts suck.. but sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. My husband's contract with TMobile ended Monday which meant he was finally able to upgrade his POS MyTouch4g. Hallelujah! I convinced him to come to AT&T with me where the service is better. I'm not saying AT&T is the best everywhere, but in Houston it does what it needs to do without problems. Hallelujah again! 

He was pretty sure that he was going to get the iPhone 5 and boy was I jealous. There's nothing wrong with my 4S. It's actually the best phone I've ever had. No problems whatsoever but still.. who doesn't want the latest of the latest when it comes to gadgets yanno. Everything was great until our Sales Rep Andy offered us this bad ass bundle that they had for Samsung products. It all went downhill from there. The bundle meant he could get the Samsung Galaxy S4+the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for $399 and also upgrade my phone from a 4S to the iPhone 5 for $199. Of course I was rooting for this bundle but it going to come down to his decision not mine. We spent a little over three hours in the AT&T store. E couldn't decide if he wanted the iPhone or the Galaxy. I thank Andy for putting up with us. It's not an easy task lol We are loud (ok, maybe just me) and we curse a lot and then there's the fact that we vape so we definitely stand out from other customers. Oh and I'm also ghetto as hell sometimes lol

In conclusion my boo got the Samsung bundle and I got the iPhone 5. I'm in love with my new gadget and I can't tell you how happy he is. He was like a child in a candy store.. no wait, it was like my grown ass husband was in a candy store. He has a major sweet tooth lol Best part about this is that I was able to trade in my 4S and collect $180 to put towards the 5. My line wasn't ready for an upgrade so if he we didn't get the Samsung bundle then I would have had to pay $650 for the 5. Thank goodness for bundles!

I gave Andy a lot of shit cause I was planning on getting E an iPad for our 5 year anniversary but nooooo he screwed that all up lol! Overall I think we came out winning and our bill will only be an extra $10. Not a bad deal.

I want to mention that I've been a TMobile/Aerial/Voicestream customer since I was 17 and have never had any problems with the phones and the customer service has always been on point. But last year I decided to switch in order to save money and get my love, Shanky (4S). 

Before getting a new phone or signing a new contract - Always do your research!

So tell me, what gadgets do you have and what service provider. Are ya satisfied? 

..till next time ;]

Monday, July 29, 2013

Visit Collection 3twentysix at Consignd

I've had a Consignd store for a couple months now but haven't advertised it as much as I should. I couldn't think of a better name so I picked Collection 3twentysix as my stores name. Fancy right?! :) My store has a variety of things, kinda like my personal store (click the Visit my store button on my sidebar). The prices are also random - some things are pricey and some aren't. I recommend you check my store out (and share) and/or open your own store. You get to chose a number of unique items for it and you also get a cut of it which is nice. What I'm loving the most about this store/company is that it's introducing me to some very talented artists.

These are just some of the items in my store. Check it out and let me know what your favorite items are.

Another thing I'd like to mention about Consignd is how much I love their customer service. Not only are they very helpful with my questions or concerns but they are quick with their responses. That makes me feel very comfortable doing business with them. I've interacted with quite a few of their reps and I'm always satisfied with the help I receive.

Quick shout out to Gabe, Neil, and Luke! Thanks for what ya'll do and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this company!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Alex Elle - Words from a Wanderer

I first heard about Alex Elle from Instagram. I would see images like the two above with her words and I would then re-post it. I didn't read more on her until a friend posted a page from Alex's book that referred to Self love. I googled her and found her website, her instagram and her book on Amazon. I started following her on all of her social media sites. Her words make me smile. Her words make me say 'YES' really loud. She says things we all kind of wish we could say to our friends and ourselves but can't put the words together. The two images above are probably my favorite of her sayings. The top one is something I've felt for about a year now that should be considered a must!!

I just bought her book (finally) from Amazon called Words from a Wanderer: Notes and Love Poems. I can't wait to receive it and be blessed with some truth. If you're not yet ready to buy her book, follow her on instagram. She has lovely photos and also puts up deep sayings from her book.

Have a good weekend!

..till next time ;]

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shows that have my attention

I'm a fan of TV and movies - You probably already figured that out. What I'm not a fan of is reality shows. I can watch them for a little bit but then I get really frustrated. I was talking to a friend yesterday about shows we watch and shows we can't wait to start up again. Here's what has my attention..

Dexter's final season is on now. Makes me sad to see this show go but it's been an awesome season so far.
Check it out on Sundays on Showtime.

Graceland is on it's first season and is entertaining. Not the best show on now, but it's got my attention. Undercover cops living the good life in LA- Yeah, I'm watching that.
Check it out on Thursdays on USA.

Ray Donovan is on it's first season also. A bit of a slow starter but it's full of suspense and dead folks (ruthless killings).
Check it out on Sundays after Dexter on Showtime.

Shows I'm waiting for super impatiently..

Boardwalk Empire is my shizz! It's so ruthless and CRAZY!
Season 4 starts Sept 8th on HBO.

Homeland is all types of wild. I think this new season is going to surprise a lot of folks.
Season 3 starts Sept 29th on Showtime.

Sons of Anarchy has episodes that make me want to strangle some of the main characters. Hoping for some real changes in the new season.
Season 6 starts Sept 10th on FX.

The Walking Dead has my attention only because it has zombies. The trailer for Season 4 makes me want to punch someone.
Season 4 starts October 13th on AMC.

I might be forgetting something here... So what are you currently watching and what's starting this fall for you?

..till next time ;]

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Filofax Gator and I have become the best of friends

Random notes in Gator. #finsbury #filofax #filofaxlove #organizedlife #3twentysix Made some dividers today w card stock for Gator & bought some #monkey stickers. #finsbury #filofax #filofaxlove Back of the divider I made. #workhard #stayhumble Be in love with your life. Every minute of it! #filofax #filofaxlove #finsbury #3twentysix #week29 in #gator326 #filofax #filofaxlove #filofaxaddict #3twentysix #finsbury #planner ##ABeautifulMess Saturday will be one month smoke free!  Eek!!

I made my own dividers, more like I just cut card stock and put Avery Martha Stewart sticky tabs on them to use as dividers Lol! I also bought the famous Target $1 bin post-it's. They don't stick well for shizz so I've been sticking them down with adhesive. Seems to work pretty well. I decided to do the Martha Stewart tabs instead of making an actual divider tab so that I can move it around without any issues. I've also been finding cool stickers to add like the monkey stickers :) The Avery Martha Stewart color coding labels are also useful for things like shows that I need to remember to watch or DVR (Dexter, Graceland).

This Saturday marks a very important day for me. It will be one month smoke free! I think I've smoked three cigarettes this month and that's a major improvement since a pack lasted me a day and half. Bad I know but at least I've made a major improvement :) I'm still smoking my e-cigg (ego-c) which is very helpful and I don't seem to be thinking much about cigarettes which is weird.. anyhow, congrats to me!!

All Filofax images are in my flickr folder named Filofax.

Happy Hump Day!

..till next time ;]

Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Orange is the New Black- Netflix Original Series

If you haven't already heard (or if you live under rock) Netflix has a new Original Series they released last Thursday. It's called Orange is the New Black and you must watch it. When the trailer was uploaded a while back on Netflix I knew I had to watch it. I knew it would be freaking hilarious and full of drama. I was right!

My husband and I watched all 13 episodes this weekend and we cannot wait for next year when Season Two is released. Not only is each character interesting but the story itself keeps you engaged. Let's not forget that the writer of this comedy-drama is Jenji Kohan, writer of Weeds- One of my all time favorite Showtime shows. Until I did a bit of research I had no idea that Piper (the lead character) is based on the real life person Piper Kerman, a convicted felon. You can find her book on Amazon here. I can only imagine how entertaining the book must be. Might be worth reading until the next season comes out. In each episode not only do you get flashbacks of Piper's life but a different character as well.

Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is engaged to Larry Bloom (Jason Biggs) and they have a pretty nice life going. That is until the past bites Piper in the ass. Piper is your typical privileged female who is in denial about a lot of things in life. She started an artisanal soap company with her best friend Polly Harper (Maria Dizzia) before the past catches up to her. Larry is a writer or so he claims to be. He's also very jealous that Piper was a lesbian and is super insecure. Piper is sent to prison for carrying drug money for her ex-girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) and later runs into her in said prison. Piper runs into a number of people once she's in jail and tries to find her place as the newbie.

Alex is a hustler. She was damn good at what she did before she got caught and she was madly in love with Piper. She grew up poor with a mother who worked four jobs and a super washed-up rock star dad. No surprise she turned to drugs to make money and live the good life.

Galine Reznikov known as Red (Kate Mulgrew) owned a restaurant with her weakass husband and also worked with the Russian mob. She now runs the Prison kitchen and has all the connections you can think of. She's a major badass and took in a couple females under her wing. She may be cruel but she has a sweet heart.

Miss Claudette (Michelle Hurst) is Piper's roomie in the slammer. She's very clean, strict, has a deep accent, and doesn't mess with anyone. Rumor is she murdered some dude and so no one messes with her. She ran an illegal immigration and child labor cleaning service but that isn't why she's in jail.

Nicky Nichols (Natashed Lyonne) is a former junkie that Red has taken in as a daughter and also her most trusted gal. She's loud, perverted and never brushes her hair. The show doesn't mention that but her hair is a disaster so I can only assume Lol! She has major mommy issues too.

Lorna Morello (Yael Stone) is one of the first inmates that Piper interacts with. Lorna drives a van for the prison and is one of Red's right hand women. She's a sweetheart that has a fiancee on the outside waiting for her (so she says). She was in an intimate relationship with Nicky but broke up with her in fear that her fiancee would find out. I personally think they'll get back together. 

Dayanara Diaz known as Daya (Dascha Polanco) is introduced to us as she rides with Piper to the big house for the first time. We later find out that her mother, Aleida Diaz (Elizabeth Rodriguez) is also in jail along with her sister. Daya falls for a newbie prison guard. She has a horrible relationship with her mother due to her mother never handling her business at home.

Tasha Jefferson known as Taystee (Danielle Brooks) is one of my favorite characters cause she's crazy. Her and Poussey (another inmate) are big on the comedy relief. Taystee is president of the remote control Lol! She also trades with Piper and ends up with a blonde chunk of her hair haha!

Sophia Burset (Laverne Cox) is a transgender woman who is married to Crystal and has a son named Michael. She is the hair stylist everyone goes to and she also goes through a hard time trying to get her hormone pills from the medical staff.

Susanna known as Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) is my husband's favorite character. She srsly has crazy eyes and has been sent to psyche ward multiple times. When she first meets Piper she claims she's her wife and names her Dandelion Lol!

Tiffany Dogget known as Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) is convinced God speaks to her and she is his angel. She is constantly preaching to the other inmates and has a small following of crack heads like herself. She has it out for Piper and Alex and isn't afraid to mess with them because she claims the Lord is on her side.

Mr. Healy (Michael J. Harney) is Piper's counselor and they get along great. Dude has some serious homophobic issues and he projects that on Piper without knowing that Piper had been an in intimate relationship with another female. Mr. Healy is also married to a mail order bride who doesn't respect him and cannot wait until she gets her green card.

George Mendez known as Pornstache (Pablo Schreiber) is a prison guard who does what he wants. He sells drugs, harasses the inmates, and of course trades for oral sex. He's your typical dick.

John Bennett (Matt McGorry) is the prison guard that Daya is 'dating'. He was in the military and did a tour in Afghanistan. He's a pretty regular dude that hardly harasses the inmates.

This show really has it all.. It's entertaining in any way you can imagine and I'm excited on what's to come. If you haven't already, go check it out on Netflix and let me know whatcha think. If you're not into shows like Weeds, chances are you won't like this.. but if you're into Weeds or shows similar to it, then YES! Please watch it. You won't be disappointed, I'm pretty sure of it. Just so you know, I don't normally snort when I laugh but this show has me snorting at least once each episode LOL!

..till next time ;]

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: The Conjuring - Creepiest Movie I've seen in a long time

Disclaimer: I received two free tickets from Klout for my influence but I didn't get paid for this review nor was I asked to make one. I did a review because I was very impressed with this movie. All images were found on Google Images.

I love scary movies. Gory, creepy, & trippy movies included. I've been a fan since I was a kid and realized that it's not the movie that's actually scary but the sound effects that trip you out the most. The majority of the scary movies I've seen the last couple of years have not scared me but amused me. I'm the one who is always laughing at them while my friends are screaming or squeezing the shizz out of my hand Lol! Most movies that claim to be scary are weak and cheesy but this one was good, real good!

I had a chance to see The Conjuring last night thanks to Klout and the perk I signed up for. I could tell you how my experience at the theater was (crappy service) but that would take away from the actual movie experience so I'll continue with my positive review.

The Perron family from the movie.

The story goes like this - The Perron family, all seven of them (Parents & five daughters), moved into the farmhouse in the winter of 1970. Things started getting weird and really frightening the family so they searched for help. That's where Ed and Lorraine Warren come into the picture. They are famous for the Amittyville house haunting and this farmhouse is their second most famous story. In this movie they discuss some of their other cases which seem to be just as interesting as the Perron's story.

I won't give you details on how the story goes (no spoilers allowed) but I will tell you that I was highly impressed. The acting was great not only by the adults but by the children as well. The story made sense and didn't make me question it at all. I liked that any questions I may have had were all answered. It annoys me a bit when questions aren't answered and you're left with the wtf factor. There were a couple inconsistencies here and there, but overall still a really good movie. I'm a picky movie watcher, I acknowledge that it's just a movie but I also appreciate when the movie is made so real that it sucks you in and you feel like a part of it. I enjoyed the lack of digital effects. Nowadays most movies are full of digital effects and you wonder what's real and what isn't. This movie hardly has any, major plus for me!

I've never been a fan of Lili Taylor, she portrays the mother Carolyn Perron but I was really impressed with her in this movie. She is somewhat the main character and did very well.

The kids in this movie were really good as well. When a creepy scene approached I was genuinely scared for them. I remember getting goosebumps multiple times when watching them freak out. Not to mention my husband and I were squeezing the crap out of each others hands Lol!

The real Perron daughters above and the girls who played them in the movie below.
If you're into scary movies, I highly recommend you watch this movie. Everything about this movie was on point and I left the theater really satisfied which is rare for me heh!

Andrea Perron 

The oldest Perron daughter, Andrea, wrote a book titled House of Darkness House of Light, i'm thinking of hitting up at the library and checking this out. Also if you don't mind spoilers (I love them) visit TheChasingFrog's site with more details on the house, the family, and the story of who haunted the house. 

The Conjuring will be released July 19th, 2013 in a theater near you. Visit their site, facebook, and twitter.

Lili portraying Carolyn and two of the Perron daughters

Ed Warren

Annabelle the doll

Actress Vera Farmiga portraying Lorraine Warren

Ed & Lorraine Warren

I didn't get paid for this review nor was I asked to make one. I did a review because I was very impressed with this movie. All images were found on Google Images.