Friday, June 14, 2013


A couple days ago I saw a picture on Instagram that said YouGottaEatThis.com was looking for contributors to their blog. For those that don't know what this site is..
Every one loves food well some more then others. Ever find yourself explaining and telling someone about a certain food you have had before and immediately saying to them “You Gotta Eat This” well then your in the right place. The greatest food pictures, information, reviews, recipes and lists from around the world.
Brought to you by Bun B and Premium Pete who team up with culinary stars and foodies from around the world to launch a innovative food blog which offers recipes from famous chefs such as Uchi’s Director of Culinary Operations, Philip Speer, and other top-rate players from every region.
I had read an article about the site before but didn't know any details about it. Once I saw the post about needing new contributors I knew I had to apply. If you don't know, I love eating! I get hated on constantly cause I'm so small and folks can't believe I eat so much. I'm a slow eater and I srsly eat all day long. Maybe it's cause I don't have kids or cause my metabolism hasn't caught up to me. Either way it goes, I love to eat. I had to be a part of this+Bun B is part of it?! UGK for life!!! Yeahhh, I'm all over it!

I sent the email and received a quick reply from Natalie and BAM! I was made a contributor! It's really not that big a deal but I was pretty excited! I put up my first post today and I can't wait to add more to this site!

Please check out my first post and comment by clicking this link. It needs mucho love!!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

..till next time ;]

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