Monday, June 17, 2013

Gator, my new Filofax Finsbury

My new #love  arrived a week early from the UK! First #finsbury. First #leather #filofax #filofaxlove #filofaxaddict #planner #blue #soexcitamated #3twentysix Growing up I remember having a planner/organizer. It was never used for school work. It was used for a diary mostly. It was filled with random stickers, doodles, and pictures. I remember the last one I really cared for was a zipped up Winnie the Pooh planner. I still have it and it's in great condition. Debating on selling it because it's just collecting dust.

About a year ago I discovered Filofax - Awesome but pricey, long-lasting planners. I went on a search for one and found it at a store where I live. I didn't know for sure if I would like it or not, but I ended up walking out with a Apex Personal size in black. Loved everything about it except it was kinda heavy for me. Ever since I bought it I've been stalking Filofax on eBay in hopes that I would find a sweet leather Filofax. I knew I had to get the personal size because the mini and pocket are entirely too small for me. No luck until I started looking on Amazon.co.uk. There I found my new boo, Gator, a Filofax Finsbury. It was waaaay cheaper there so I jumped on it (I went back and looked an hour after I bought it and the price had drastically gone up, weird). Gator arrived this past Friday, a week before I was expecting it. Yeah I jumped up and down for a bit Lol! Last night I dedicated some time to Gator and got it all set up. Chances are I'll sell my Apex since I don't have any use for it anymore.

Used this page to make my cover sheetCover sheet made - Time to use Thickers
I found a page of cardstock I liked and used a Filofax divider for the outline. Cut it, made my holes, & added thickers with the word 'Gator' for the cover sheet.
Thickers on my cover sheet Random Stickers
The outcome of the cover sheet & Random stickers bought at Target, Staples & Archivers.
It's alive Random - Ticket Stub & Quote
Cover & card slots - Not sure how I'm going to use the card slots since the cut isn't actually big enough for cards. Second page - Ticket stub from the HRD & a great question to start with (what will you do today that will make you proud in a year).
Paperclips and Stamps in the bag Blank Week
Paper clips, stamps, & random papers in the zip-lock envelope. Papers look different because one is Dayrunner and the other Filofax. Sticking to Filofax from now on. My dividers are pages with Martha Stewart note tabs
Closed Gator
My new boo is not only super soft but it smells super leathery and I really love that. Best part is that it's not heavy and doesn't weigh my purse down! I am very happy with my purchase (mostly what I paid) and cannot wait to fill Gator up. Really like that my Texans pen I got at work fits nicely too.

Do you have a planner/organizer that you use daily?! 

Postcards - Grits & Moxie
This month I'm joining Grits & Moxie for a postcard swap. I did it last month and it was fun. It's nice to receive mail and not just bills Lol. If I keep this up I'll have my refrigerator full of postcards by the end of the year. Watch her blog for the month of July to join up since June's swap is closed. I'm sending out my two postcards today. One to Georgia in NC and one to Jennifer (Grits&Moxie) in GA. The theme this month is Art so these are the two cards I'm sending out by XOXO: Hugs and Kisses: James Jean.

..till next time ;]

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