Monday, June 24, 2013

Review - Orijen Black Angus Dog Treats

Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Chewy.com. Opinions expressed here are my own.

The furkids and I received some nom-tastic treats from Chewy.com the other day to review. I barely had a chance to open the box and get the bag out when the kids went berserk. We received a bag of Black Angus beef singles freeze-dried dog treats by Orijen.

Orijen includes more fresh meat than any other dry pet food brand. These treats are made with all-natural, premium Angus beef and freeze-dried to give dogs a fresh and tasty snack. Each treat has 6 calories and is loaded with muscle-building protein. They are preservative-free, grain-free & since they are freeze-dried they maintain maximum nutritional value. What I love the most about these treats is that they're not hard and I can break them in half for the smallest of my furkids. These are also great for training.

The kids really love these treats, I have a feeling we'll be purchasing some in the near future. :)

Orijen sells a variety of these treats ranging from $7.99 - $12.99 - Original, Beef Angus, Free Range Bison, Brome Lake Duck, Ranch Raised Lamb, Tundra, Regional, and Alberta Wild Boar.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Link Line-Up 6.0

Image: Driving back from Austin on 71.

1. Philofaxy - Your home for Filofax awesomeness
2. Magical blog about technology, love, & design
3. EasilyDo is a smart assistant for your cell phone. The goal of this app is to save you time while using your phone. Available for iOS and Android
4. Visit my Consignd store - Buy something or Open your own store. Currently working on bringing cheaper products to the store.
6. Flow chart showing you where you should post your content - Twitter, FB, Tumblr, etc.
7. Great chart showing you 29 ways to stay creative, one including staying away from the computer. Eek!
8. Visit Namefully and get a necklace made just for you with your name on it :] I have one with my last name on it.
10. How to make cute photo blocks with Mod Podge

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Saw this big guy on my way in today. All #smiles. #austin #atx #roadtrip #behappy I love my state. #texasbaby #texasflag #redwhiteandblue #texas #dontmesswithtexas #star

Top: On my way to Austin.
Bottom: On my way back from Austin.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Gator, my new Filofax Finsbury

My new #love  arrived a week early from the UK! First #finsbury. First #leather #filofax #filofaxlove #filofaxaddict #planner #blue #soexcitamated #3twentysix Growing up I remember having a planner/organizer. It was never used for school work. It was used for a diary mostly. It was filled with random stickers, doodles, and pictures. I remember the last one I really cared for was a zipped up Winnie the Pooh planner. I still have it and it's in great condition. Debating on selling it because it's just collecting dust.

About a year ago I discovered Filofax - Awesome but pricey, long-lasting planners. I went on a search for one and found it at a store where I live. I didn't know for sure if I would like it or not, but I ended up walking out with a Apex Personal size in black. Loved everything about it except it was kinda heavy for me. Ever since I bought it I've been stalking Filofax on eBay in hopes that I would find a sweet leather Filofax. I knew I had to get the personal size because the mini and pocket are entirely too small for me. No luck until I started looking on Amazon.co.uk. There I found my new boo, Gator, a Filofax Finsbury. It was waaaay cheaper there so I jumped on it (I went back and looked an hour after I bought it and the price had drastically gone up, weird). Gator arrived this past Friday, a week before I was expecting it. Yeah I jumped up and down for a bit Lol! Last night I dedicated some time to Gator and got it all set up. Chances are I'll sell my Apex since I don't have any use for it anymore.

Used this page to make my cover sheetCover sheet made - Time to use Thickers
I found a page of cardstock I liked and used a Filofax divider for the outline. Cut it, made my holes, & added thickers with the word 'Gator' for the cover sheet.
Thickers on my cover sheet Random Stickers
The outcome of the cover sheet & Random stickers bought at Target, Staples & Archivers.
It's alive Random - Ticket Stub & Quote
Cover & card slots - Not sure how I'm going to use the card slots since the cut isn't actually big enough for cards. Second page - Ticket stub from the HRD & a great question to start with (what will you do today that will make you proud in a year).
Paperclips and Stamps in the bag Blank Week
Paper clips, stamps, & random papers in the zip-lock envelope. Papers look different because one is Dayrunner and the other Filofax. Sticking to Filofax from now on. My dividers are pages with Martha Stewart note tabs
Closed Gator
My new boo is not only super soft but it smells super leathery and I really love that. Best part is that it's not heavy and doesn't weigh my purse down! I am very happy with my purchase (mostly what I paid) and cannot wait to fill Gator up. Really like that my Texans pen I got at work fits nicely too.

Do you have a planner/organizer that you use daily?! 

Postcards - Grits & Moxie
This month I'm joining Grits & Moxie for a postcard swap. I did it last month and it was fun. It's nice to receive mail and not just bills Lol. If I keep this up I'll have my refrigerator full of postcards by the end of the year. Watch her blog for the month of July to join up since June's swap is closed. I'm sending out my two postcards today. One to Georgia in NC and one to Jennifer (Grits&Moxie) in GA. The theme this month is Art so these are the two cards I'm sending out by XOXO: Hugs and Kisses: James Jean.

..till next time ;]

Friday, June 14, 2013


A couple days ago I saw a picture on Instagram that said YouGottaEatThis.com was looking for contributors to their blog. For those that don't know what this site is..
Every one loves food well some more then others. Ever find yourself explaining and telling someone about a certain food you have had before and immediately saying to them “You Gotta Eat This” well then your in the right place. The greatest food pictures, information, reviews, recipes and lists from around the world.
Brought to you by Bun B and Premium Pete who team up with culinary stars and foodies from around the world to launch a innovative food blog which offers recipes from famous chefs such as Uchi’s Director of Culinary Operations, Philip Speer, and other top-rate players from every region.
I had read an article about the site before but didn't know any details about it. Once I saw the post about needing new contributors I knew I had to apply. If you don't know, I love eating! I get hated on constantly cause I'm so small and folks can't believe I eat so much. I'm a slow eater and I srsly eat all day long. Maybe it's cause I don't have kids or cause my metabolism hasn't caught up to me. Either way it goes, I love to eat. I had to be a part of this+Bun B is part of it?! UGK for life!!! Yeahhh, I'm all over it!

I sent the email and received a quick reply from Natalie and BAM! I was made a contributor! It's really not that big a deal but I was pretty excited! I put up my first post today and I can't wait to add more to this site!

Please check out my first post and comment by clicking this link. It needs mucho love!!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

..till next time ;]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thrift Finds 6.0

Thrift Finds

Thrifted T-Shirt Thrifted T-Shirt Thrifted T-Shirt Thrifted T-Shirt Thrifted T-Shirt Thrifted T-Shirt

Random t-shirts my husband found in Austin while thrifting with me for the first time!! These are awesome scores! I'm currently wearing the Nintendo shirt Lol! I also love the Silence is Golden shirt, it's something my husband and I would say to folks haha!

I'm linking up with Young Heart and A Living Space!

Have ya found some cool items thrifting?! Please share.

..till next time ;]

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Short Road Trip to Austin

Let's go on a short #roadtrip!  See ya later #houston.
Back in March I bought tickets to see Mumford & Sons in Austin. They were also coming to Houston, but we've been meaning to do a small vacation so we took this opportunity to book the Austin concert instead. My husband and I have really only done one other trip together and that was Vegas in '12 when we got married. This was definitely going to be a fun trip for us! Since it was a Sunday show, we were forced to request Monday off. Such a sacrifice LOL!

Before I continue with the pictures I just want to say that this concert was ridiculously good. You know how you fall in love with a band and wonder if their live show sounds just as good as the album?! Yeah this show definitely exceeded our expectations. We've been fans of Mumford & Sons since the first single on their first album came out. I've never considered myself to be a fan of folk music but dammit when you sound like these guys, how could you not like folk music?! Technically called folk rock music. These dudes definitely know how to give a crowd a great show. 

I posted the following pictures on Instagram - If you're not following me already, whatcha waiting for?!

#nomnoms stop. #cookies and #beefjerky #texas #goodies #yum #Texastea #Sugarland #Sweettea made with #texaswater #noms #texasbaby #gotexan #realtexas #realtea #southernteaisthebest Hello #Austin! She's the bestest!! #spooningbuddy #3twentysix @justisolda Love you babe!! Never drove in this type of #bridge before. Seen 'em on tv plenty of times. #atx #austin #texasbaby #noms #blue #margarita #trudys #supercold #hotel #view. Can you say #score?!?! #fuckyeah #holidayinn #lakeview #austin Packed! #circuitoftheamericas #mumfordandsons #austin #yeayuh #vacay #3twentysix #mumfordandsons with #thecakes in #austin #circuitoftheamericas #vacay #3twentysix #yeayuh #oopa #3twentysix #cakes #austin #circuitoftheamericas #mumfordandsons #yeayuh #vacay #mumfordandsons is the shizzle dizzle! Fantastical #concert #austin #circuitoftheamericas #yeayuh #vacay #3twentysix #goodmorning #austin #lakeview #vacay #3twentysix #gorgeousday #texas #green #holidayinn Yay for #breakfast! #crepetime #austin #lecafecrepe #frenchcafe #unique #InstaSize We inhaled and it was all gone. #wedontplay #lecafecrepe #crepe #austin #vacay #italiancrepe #fruitcrepe #applecinnamon #wewillbebackbaby #Tasty #Stellaartois #beer #belgium #barlouie #beertap  #noms #austin #atx #6thstreet Ridiculous fish #tacos at #barlouie. #atx #austin #ermahgerd #Farewell #Austin. It's been great.. See ya next time! #houston we'll see ya soon! #atx #vacayover #3twentysix

We had a great time, obviously. We ate tasty food and drank some awesome goodies. Hung out with our friend Jessica before the concert who told us that the venue where our concert was happening, Austin360 Amphittheater had opened in April. I am so glad we decided to see this concert at this venue and not in the Woodlands. The venue had the music sounding soooo good. We did some more grubbing on Monday and some thrifting! GASP! My husband's exact words when we pulled into a thrift store was 'You're lucky I love you cause otherwise this would not be happening!' He's got jokes LOL! He totally came up with some awesome shirts while all I found was a purse. Grrrr! I'll save that for another day. Overall we had a fantastic time. The hotel we stayed at was the Holiday Inn on 35 with that lake view above. It was a fantastical stay with great customer service.

We found out today that one of the band members of Mumford & Sons, Ted the bass player hasn't been  feeling good the last couple of days. Come to find out he has a blood clot in his brain :( Shows for Dallas, Woodlands, & New Orleans have been postponed for a later time. Glad we were able to see them in Austin but sad for what's to come for Ted. We hope your operation goes well and that your recovery is fast and smooth!!

If you haven't already visited Austin, I recommend you do. There's so much to do and if you're not interested in visiting the Live Music Capital of the World then I don't think we can still be friends Lol!

..till next time ;]

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fun Apps >> with 3twentysix V1

Fun Apps>> with 3twentysix Image

Let's talk about apps. I'm partial to iOS apps because I own an iPhone 4S but I still have love for Android. I'm currently in the works to get my husband E to switch from Android to iOS. I know he'd freaking love the simplicity of it. He's not big on customizing his Android but then again he has a super old Android Lol!

Moving along..

Running with Friends - Available for iOS only (for now) Free
Outrun and outscore your friends as you stay one step ahead of charging bulls on the streets of Pamplona, Spain.
Credit: My screenshots
A coworker brought this game into my life and I am super addicted. It's similar to Temple Run. You have to jump things and move side to side to collect coins. When you mess up the bull gets closer to you and if you mess up again, the bull will take you out. There are a total of three rounds and you don't know what your opponents score is until you've finished each round. Srsly recommend this game.

Clear - Available for iOS only - $1.99 - Koalcat's Clear is similar on Android - Free 
Life is messy. Keep it together with Clear, an amazing new app for list-keeping that is unbelievably simple, quick and satisfying to use.
Credit: iTunes images
I've tried multiple grocery list apps and none have really done it for me. I know this app isn't specifically for grocery lists but that's why I like it. I can set up multiple lists easily. To-do, groceries, music to buy, movies to watch, or books I want to check out. The lists go on and on and on. I downloaded this when Drippler featured it for free. Who doesn't like free?! :] I've been using the shizzle out of both of these apps. Drippler gives me news on iOS products, reviews, and apps as they come out and this app is free.

Gratitude Journal - Available for iOS only - $.99 - Android has a ton of apps similar to this
Write down five things you are grateful for each day and your life will change forever.
Credit: My screenshots
I love this app. One of my good friends told me about it cause she thought it would be fantastical for me. She knows me so well cause she was so right. The idea is to write five things every day that you're grateful for and it'll change your attitude. I've been slacking a bit but I like going back and checking out random days. I don't normally pay for apps, the app has to be the shizzle dizzle or else I just pass. Since this was recommended, I figured it would be worth the buy. I like how simple it is to use, passcode is nice and how it makes me feel when I look back it. Don't judge me for being grateful for almond pastries - Those thing are NOMS!

Tell me about some apps you like or those you can't live without. Dropbox, Evernote & Mailbox are three that I can't live without.

..till next time ;]

Monday, June 3, 2013

Speed Skating & Roller Derby

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled I'll have this wrapped up in a flash - #TheFlash #speedskating #gotime Untitled Untitled
Elliott and his The Flash shirt from Comicpalooza
Congratulations to my cakes!! #2nd place!! #speedskate #inlineskating

Yesterday I accompanied E to his first speed skating competition in over 10 years. He was a pretty damn good speed skater when he was a teen and won multiple medals with his skills. He let it go due to being a teenager and wanting to do other things.. Cars became a big interest in his life and ya can't forget girls Lol!

He started practicing again a couple months ago and being the fantastical wife that I am haha, I accompany him to his practices and cheer him on. You'd think that I'd get bored, but speed skating is pretty damn entertaining.. even if it's just a practice. Plus Coach Mel (in the last picture to the left of him) is pretty entertaining!

We drove an hour away from our home to Humble, TX for his competition at Humble Family Skate Center. At first we thought it was just going to be a half time thing to promote speed skating during the roller derby bout. We found out a couple days prior that it was an actual competition. This made us both a bit nervous, me more then him. He's a very competitive dude but if you haven't seen him skate then you're in for a surprise.

My cakes (nickname we have for each other Lol) got 2nd place and was more then happy. I'd say it's a pretty damn good win for someone who hasn't skated in over a decade AND someone who skated on a rink that he isn't use to. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I really need to step my game up when it comes to action pictures. We plan on attending more competitions in the future so I'll have plenty of practice. Find the rest of the pictures on flickr.

..till next time ;]