Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend full of Cars!

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MECUM Auctions at Reliant

MECUM Auctions at Reliant
Chevy NOVA - One of my all time favs!!

I went to two events this weekend that were all about cars. I love oh-ing and ah-ing at cars and D, my camera, doesn't mind the work! Saturday morning I woke up early for Coffee and Cars at Vintage Park (Tomball) It was introduced to me as Cars and Coffee but the site says the name the other way. All I know is that it was fantastical. It's nice to see families out there walking around. Father's with their kids, super excited. People bring their dogs and there's vendors - all from 8am - 10am. It's not a close venue for me so that means I had to wake up early on my off day :/ It was well worth it though.

Later that day I hit up the MECUM Auction in Reliant. My husband's best friend's father owns MuscleCarsofTexas.com and had a couple cars in the auction. I've never been to an auction, I've seen it on TV. Better yet, I've flipped by the channel when it was on TV. LOL! It was pretty cool to be up close and see the cars, hear the auctioneers and see how excited the crowd gets. I would have taken a lot of pictures there too, but they're a little picky about what you can and can't take pictures of. I snuck in a couple of some cars that I liked.. like the Bel Air. I didn't notice it until my husband mentioned it to me, but I have a thing for Bel Air's LOL! Idk what it is about them, but I like them, more the station wagon looking ones :]

If you want to see the rest of the cars that I took at the Coffee and Cars event, please visit my flickr page.

How was your weekend?!

..till next time ;]

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