Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrift Finds 5.0

Thrift Finds
Old Kool-Aid Box Honduras Feather painting Not really sure what this is.. Obsessed with cork boards Little frame Panama Board I've always liked this script.. NL1 NL2

  1. Old Kool-aid box for $6 Too rich for my wallet.
  2. A painting on a feather from Honduras for $2 I think this is going to look great on my wall.
  3. Not really sure what this is. Looks like a divider with book covers glued on it.. -shrugs-
  4. Massive framed corkboard. Looks like it was originally a picture frame and someone added the cork board part. Not mentioning how much I paid for it LOL! Not a really good job LOL, but I can make it work. I think I might be a bit obsessed with cork boards :/
  5. Take a little time to do whatever makes you happy picture frame for $.50 I bought this with the idea of using the picture frame alone, but it's kinda grown on me..
  6. This Panama wood board was pretty cool looking. It was hidden behind some crappy frames. Didn't like the pricetag of $26.
  7. Pass through life picture frame for $1. Really like this script. Might clean it up a bit or just remove the script and put it in another frame.
  8. This slate was mined in Pennsylvania and floated down the Ohio and Mississippi River on rafts. Later used on a New Orleans roof for $3. There were a couple of these, but I chose this one because it was chipped at the top right Definitely hanging this one in the living room.
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Thrift anything sweet lately?!

..till next time ;]

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