Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Link Line-up 5.0

Link Line-up 5.0
What my lunch looked like on Saturday :] Crawfish with a ton of garlic - Nomnoms!

1. 12 Things I've learned About Running an Etsy Shop Good read for those thinking of opening up an Etsy shop.
2. Add spiffy typography to your photos with Over on iOS for $1.99 I downloaded this a couple weeks ago and love the different fonts and colors I can add to my photos. I hardly ever buy apps but this one is well worth it.
3. Instagram is a huge part of my life. The filters and the community type feel of it is why I am still a part of it.  This is a list that Apartment Therapy came up with on what your Instagram filter says about you. I'm a big Earlybird user and Rise user. Which are you?!
4. I don't have many games on Shanky, mostly cause I'm a social media nerd. Yesterday I decided to download Domino! and it's really become one of my go to apps Who isn't into playing bones?!
5. Looking for Thrift Stores in your area, start with this link I haven't used it cause I have secret thrift stores lol
6. Grilled cheese re-invented Srsly looks good
7. This is a cool idea with Ikea corkboards The site is in spanish, but the pictures pretty much say it all.
8. Be in love with your life. Great quote!
9. Knuckle rings are in style now. Some are a bit pricey but here's a cool DIY that isn't pricey and it's super easy I might try this with some old jewelry wire I have stashed
10. 70 years of Batman Evolution I'm a huge Batman Fan!

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