Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine, as usual, was full of awesome food. I hope my metabolism never changes cause the way I eat daily is ridiculous Lol!

Fraiche Mobile Kitchen
Do you see that photo of fantastical nomnoms?! If I had to eat a food truck for the rest of my life rather than a restaurant.. I'd be completely down for that. I think it's a combo of the delicious plates, the sweet prices, and I rather support a small business owner then a big time restaurant. I know some folks that will not eat from a food truck no matter what they serve. I hear all sorts of reasons - It's dirty, the food isn't fresh, I don't like waiting in line, and my favorite.. There's no where to sit and eat Lol! I've never felt sick after eating from a food truck, in fact I think I've felt sick plenty of times from fancy restaurants. Not to mention the service isn't always great whereas the service at food trucks is awesomesauce. The food is definitely fresh, just taste it!! Lines are everywhere, man up and taste the goodness already! Food trucks aren't suppose to have a table and chairs, you're lucky if they do. Again, man up and stop your whining. K, I've ranted long enough on food trucks...

I like going to the Boneyard Drinkery, Houston's first bar/dogpark! They always have food trucks and yesterday Bernie's Burger bus was there until 5pm and Fraiche Mobile Kitchen rolled up behind it. My husband and I are big Bernie's burger fans so we ordered a burger and brisket fries from them before they closed shop. An hour later we were in line at Fraiche's truck to order more food. Lol! We can't help it, we love to eat! The picture above is what we ordered at Fraiche - Carnitas Hash which is Carnitas, tater tots (which I can eat everyday), veggies, onions, and the best part (IMO) cilantro sauce. Above it is Crème Brulee french toast with maple syrup - How can you possibly say no to that?! Lol! K, enough about food ;]

Idk if you're familiar with Wendy at Young Heart Old Soul (if you're not, get on it people!!). Her Monday post has this fantastic quote..
 For me, Monday represents a fresh start to the week. It is the day where the slate from the previous week is wiped clean. It is a day of new beginnings. ~ Unknown
Bloggers Anonymous
Really, really like this quote. I think it suits us all and it's a good way of looking at the beginning of the week since we all kinda dislike Monday! She also has a link to a new site called Bloggers Anonymous. What is Bloggers Anonymous you ask?! "Bloggers Anonymous is a new site dedicated to building up other people. We want to hear all the good things you have to say about other bloggers!" I think it's a great place to receive positive feedback and we all love having our egos stroked a bit. Check it out and share it with your blogging friends!

My friend Jessica shared this the other day and it really got me thinking.. Hope it does the same for you..

Happy Monday! :)

..till next time ;]

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