Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thrift Finds 4.0

Thrift Finds Old school right here Cookies anyone?! Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate Beer bong FOR $55 King Chair Lone Ranger box for $33 Nuestra Boda glasses Old school phone Texas table for $35?! I'll pass Kid Desk Lance at the thrift store I wanted this so bad.. Bull dressed up like a lady?!

  1. I think I may have squealed a bit when I saw this piece. If it wasn't so damn expensive, I totally woulda jumped on it. Can't pay $250 if I can't test it out and make sure it works first but it was beautiful!
  2. Cookie jar galore! I've always liked the idea of cookie jars, but cookies never last long in my casa to be in a jar I really love cookies!
  3. Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate?! Chocolate does wonders to my mood. I can't get enough of it. Sad part is it breaks me out horribly so I have to control myself. Makes me incredibly sad..
  4. Football beer bong for $50. Had I know I was going to have a party for my 29th birthday this year, I totally woulda bought it Woulda had to haggle on that price though..
  5. Big King Chairs always make me giggle Idk if that's what they're called. I don't know if it's cause they look super awkward or cause i'm so small that they look like chairs for giants These are always very pricey
  6. The Legend of the Lone Ranger costs $33. I was never a fan, but it looked to be in really good condition... not for $33 though..
  7. Nuestra Boda (Our Wedding) champagne glasses This made me a bit sad..
  8. I saw a phone identical to this when I was a kid at one of my mother's friends house. It was waaaay shinier then this but it brought back memories of bugging my mom to let me call someone on it Too bad this one was really beat up
  9. Little Texas table that I would have bought but it was priced at $35. $35 seems to be the avg price for most things I'll wait a week or two and check if it's still there at a cheaper price.
  10. Children's desk made of wood and metal or steel? Idk! Lol! It was priced at $285. Eek!
  11. Mr. Armstrong is at the Thrift Store.. 'Nuff said Lol
  12. This table/chair (I know it has a specific name...?) would be perfect in my house. I have the right spot and errthang but $75 wasn't convincing enough It was shockingly sturdy but that fabric would need to be fired Lol!
  13. Crazy bull lady dressed in an old school dress with heels and a hat. I swear I did a double take when I saw it sitting there. Could have sworn it was a real lady Lol!
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