Thursday, March 7, 2013

Houston Rodeo 2013 - Dierks Bentley

Reliant Stadium
Reliant Stadium is a beauty BullRide Untitled Fireworks before the Dierks Bentley Performance Dierks Bentley Performance Dierks Bentley Performance Butts galore Can't go to the carnival/rodeo and not eat a funnel cake.. Funnel Cake Nomnoms

  • The inside of Houston Reliant Stadium during the Houston Rodeo My favorite shot of the night, this shot came out a lot better then I expected
  • Houston's Reliant Stadium where our Houston Rodeo happens and our Fantastical Houston Texans Play <3
  • It's not a Rodeo unless there's a bull riding booth No one was thrown off while I was watching - Disappointed me a bit Lol
  • Trams were pulled by John Deere trackers Thank Jeebus for that cause the walk from the parking lot to the stadium was too far for my lazy butt
  • Fireworks before the Dierks Bentley performance Fireworks always put a smile on my face 
  • Dierks Bentley performing Please don't hit me but I had no idea who he was, still don't but I enjoyed the show anyways
  • Horse butts & Houston Rodeo Volunteers :) The fish eye lens and Shanky have become really good friends. Since it's a small lens, I try to always have it in my pocket for cool shots
  • I can't go to a carnival and NOT hit up the funnel cake shop It's just impossible
  • Strawberry funnel cake. Doesn't that look finger licking good?! I'd love to say I ate it all, but that was not the case Lol
Have you ever been to the rodeo?! I've been to the carnival outside of the Houston Rodeo a couple times, but haven't been to the Rodeo since I was a kid. It was nice to go inside and see a show this time and all of the Rodeo competitions. Found myself cheering for all sorts of strangers Lol!

..till next time ;]

I would have taken D with me but I was lazy and didn't want to carry it around. Instead I took my iPhone inside the eyn storage case and didn't have to carry anything.

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