Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF Everyone!

So glad that today is Friday, it's been a long and exhausting week. Not anything I can't handle though ;]

Yesterday I went to the Houston Rodeo again with my mom and two sisters. One of my sisters is on vacation here from Argentina so of course we had to take her to the Rodeo. It's always nice to hang out with  the ladies. We laugh at just about everything and all we do is eat and eat and eat. I'm sure you can relate :]

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Mom, Ariface, Gaby, & Silvy Ariface, Mom, & Silvy Panoramic of the carnival Gangsta Silvia and her two bodyguards Lol Stage setting up for Pitbull's performance Stage setting up for Pitbull's performance Panoramic of Seats 640 Fireworks before Pitbull's Performance Fireworks before Pitbull's Performance Fireworks before Pitbull's Performance Houston Astrodome

  1. My Mama, Ariface, Gaby, and Silvy These ladies always crack me up! I'm grateful to have such a fantastical mama that has my back no matter what... and these two ladies who show me love no matter what the situation is
  2. Ariface, Mama, & Silvy We're naturally very big smiley people, obviously Lol!
  3. Crazy panoramic picture of the carnival  I didn't eat a funnel cake this time, kinda sad..
  4. My gangsta looking Mama with her two bodyguards. My mom always stands out with her white hair and glasses Lol! <3
  5. This is the stage getting pushed out to the middle for Pitbull's performance It's actually a really fast process
  6. And there it is, right in the middle and all the seats started to fill up..
  7. We were in the nose bleeds, section 640 and this is our panoramic view of the Reliant Stadium  I think no matter where you sit, you're going to experience a fantastical show. The energy was crazzzzy!
  8. Bam! I love the fireworks before the performances. Really puts ya in the mood, you know?! 
  9. The Oh's and Ah's are pretty entertaining also It's like folks have never seen them before Lol
  10. Fireworks that shoot straight up aren't as cool as the swirly ones Lol
  11. The Houston Astrodome is Houston's old stadium. It's nicknamed the Eighth wonder of the World and I love it, even if it's no longer in operation. Plans are to tear it down because the maintenance is too expensive, but I think we should keep it. It's part of our history!! 
Have any awesome plans for the weekend?! Hope it's fantastical for ya!

..till next time ;]

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