Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trial & Error Cooking Week

I don't cook. I've talked about this multiple times. It's been something that I've always stayed away from. I've had other folks cook for me, including my husband. He doesn't like it but we've gotta eat so he makes it happen and not only am I grateful that he cooks but I really enjoy his grub.

Don't get me wrong though.. I'll make some things, I make a killer egg sammich, tasty guacamole or I'll stir the pasta but that's about it.  I've helped my mom a couple times and my MIL. But never alone.

I recently convinced myself that it was a phobia. I guess my issue is I don't want my food to be rejected or know that I wasted food, you know?! But now I've taken over some heavy bills and I can't afford to eat out every day anymore. With this new stuff happening in my life I've decided to stand up to my fear of cooking and give it a go. Hells yeah!

I decided yesterday that I would make chili thanks to my friend Angie sending me a recipe.  Thing is I have really bad acid reflux (I take a pill for it everyday) and I was pretty sure the chili would jack me up. I changed it up to beef tacos instead. Beef tacos require ground beef to be cooked and since I've never cooked ground beef, I figured it would be a nice place to start.

I know it sounds silly for me to stay I made beef tacos.  But to me it's more the action of cooking then what I actually made. I made beans and rice with it as well. What I know I'm going to have to work on is my timing. The rice was made before the beans and beef were so I had to make sure everything stayed warm. Overall I wasn't disappointed, I was actually pretty surprised it all tasted good LOL!

Trial & error is this week and next week will be Get it together already LOL Again, this might seem silly to you - but I'm pretty damn proud of myself.

Beef Tacos
empty plate
I wasn't looking for it but boy was I excitamated when I found it!
I also treated myself with cookies and ice cream. The cookies weren't as good as the ones my husband makes but I never say no to cookies. :]

Do you remember what you made the first time you cooked?! Was it tasty?! Care to share any quick & easy dinner meals with me?!

..till next time ;]

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