Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Link Line-Up 4.0

Link Line-Up
Banana Foster Crepe from Coco's Crepes

I haven't hit ya'll up with a Link Line-Up this year so I figured I'd share some today! :]

  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies 'Nuff said
  • Saw this quote on someone's Pinterest but when I clicked to view the original, it was no longer available. I put it on my flickr so if you know who it belongs to, let me know.
  • I have a couple of walls in my house that need some help. Glad to have found 12 ways to create a gallery wall. Need to stop procrastinating
  • I've seen a couple of different camera tattoos recently but this one is definitely my favorite.
  • My husband and I love Girl Scout Cookies. To be specific, the caramel delites. Found this recipe the other day and thought I might try it Lol! 
  • Been srsly contemplating signing up for the Fancy Box Subscription. It's $39+s&h for $80+ worth of stuffs. A couple celebrities have their own box subscriptions on there too.
  • How to add a USB port to a wall outlet. Pretty cool since we pretty much all work on USB's nowadays.
  • Sweet words for my husband. Found it on Pinterest with no original source. :/
  • Easy DIY zippered throw pillows. Kinda want to give this a go because pillows are too expensive for my taste nowadays.
  • Here's one for laughs. You had one job, just one and yet you still effed it up Lol

Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone is having a great week and eating lots of chocolates... or maybe that's just me. I can feel my face about to break out due to all the chocolate i'm eating. But hey meow, sometimes ya gotta make sacrifices and this is one I am willing to make :]

..till next time ;]

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