Friday, January 18, 2013

Photojojo & Shanky are Friends!

Photojojo Magnet Fisheye Vanilla Frapp from Starbucks saved me today.
Itty bitty Hershey's looking huge

I've been a Photojojo fan for a looooooong time now! I've never been disappointed with their products and service. For Christmas my sister gave me a $50 gift card to shop at Photojojo. I knew I wanted the Mophie iPhone keychain charger but I had to get something else. I'm the kind of person who likes to spend the entire gift card right then and there. None of this I'll keep the rest of the balance for later crap. I knew I had to get some type of iPhone lens since little Shanky is such a big part of my life. Yes, I named my iPhone Shanky. Get over it!!

I saw the magnet fisheye lens and then the clip-on fisheye lens. I figured the clip on would be better cause duh it's a clip-on. So I ordered the keychain charger and the clip-on lens. A couple of days later I had my goodies and the cute little dinosaur that guards my goodies on their way to my casa. I opened my box and went straight to the lens. I took the case off Shanky and popped on the lens. Sadly, it wouldn't focus. I started screaming at Shanky. I was convinced it was her fault and she was going to hear me out. Fortunately for Shanky, it was the lens and not her. Whew!

I sent Photojojo an email right away telling them how sad I was about one of my goodies not working. Khadija at Photojojo emailed me back a day or so later and apologized. Sometimes products don't work properly and it's totally understandable. Khadija told me she'd send me the magnet fisheye lens, no charge (I was charged for S&H by accident) and if I found something useful to do with the janky clip-on lens to please send her photos.

That's great service right there ladies and gents. She knew I was sad and had to act quick! A couple days later I had my new magnet fisheye lens! That's why I'll always shop at Photojojo. They're the people's kind of people. Does that make sense?! LOL! 

I haven't taken too many photos with it yet. To be honest, I forget it's in my purse most of the time LOL! But when I do take some, you can find them on Instagram or Flickr. Go, go, link up with me!

..till next time ;]

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