Monday, January 21, 2013

Fisheye at the Dog Park!


I took the new Fisheye lens for Shanky out to play with Leana Little at the dog park yesterday. She's not big on socializing with other dogs. She's a people type of dog. She'll sniff a butt or two but she doesn't really invest much time in it. She's more concerned with the people she can harass to get some lovin'. Then there's the other thing she does that makes me laugh.. She hangs out around me the entire time and whines. I, on the other hand, love the dog park. So many different personalities and I'm not just talking about the dogs LOL!

Since Leana Little lives with 2 big dogs - Jayla & Remi - we first check out the little dog section and then head on over to the big dog section.  Leana Little is a polite dog for the most part. Doesn't mean she won't snap if you get too friendly, it's only natural. She's also a jumper, a people jumper. I know folks like to apologize for that and I do - when it happens in my home. But at the dog park, she can do whatever makes her happy!

We witnessed two Great Dane's greet each other for the first time. It wasn't as pleasant as we all expected, but Leana was there to make it all better. My little referee LOL! My white girl is a peaceful chick! She double teamed a huge fire hydrant. Played with a beautiful Doberman named Priss, who really seemed to like her. Ran around the muddy section cause Mom, everyone's doing it LOL!

Home we go  

Most importantly, we took in some much needed fresh air, soaked up the sun and enjoyed ourselves!

How was your weekend?

..till next time ;]

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