Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Chalkboard using Martha Stewart Craft Paint

A while back I bought a wine-cork board at the thrift store for super cheap. I thought that I could use magnets on the side that didn't have wine corks on it but then figured out magnets wouldn't work on it. Then I thought maybe it was a dry erase type board. Yup, that didn't work either. I'm not exactly sure what it was used for but I decided to make something of it that could be useful.

Remember textdrivebys?! The online publication curated by a collective of women located all over the world, including yours truly?! Yeah well Marilla from CupcakeRehab wrote an awesome DIY on how to make a hanging chalkboard tray thingy (her words, not mine LOL). It's an extremely easy, fun, & most importantly cheap DIY that anyone can do. Figured I'd turn my vintage looking wine-cork board into half cork board, half chalkboard.

I took my butt to Michael's and bought Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-surface Chalkboard Acrylic Craft Paint. There were multiple colors and even though blue is my all time favorite color, I went with Grey to keep the vintage feeling going. I also bought some foamy brushes because that's what Marilla said to use. I totally had my iPad with me and read her instructions while working on this project. I did forgot to buy painters tape, masking tape, blue tape, or whatever tape you're suppose to use when painting LOL Thankfully my mom had a stash of painters tape in the garage so there was no need to freak out.

My husband likes being part of my DIY projects so I normally call out the instructions and take pictures. I secretly think he just likes being in my pictures LOL I did get to paint a little after the tape was on so he can't say I didn't help haha! He made sure to align the blue tape very close to the bottom so that the paint wouldn't get on the border of the frame. He cut squares where the two tapes touched and then placed a small piece on top to make sure no paint got on the frame. And then he painted the board. It was really quite simple.

We did three coats in three days and ta-da we were finished. I totally spaced out (or was to excitamated) and didn't take a picture of the resulting chalkboard. It really looks no different in color from before (which is great) but now it's a chalkboard. I still haven't decided where to put it but thanks to Marilla and her awesome DIY...I made my own chalkboard and have mucho paint left for future chalkboard projects.

Please excuse the grainy photos. D was dead and I was too excitamated to wait for him to be charged up.


Chalkboarda> Chalkboard Chalkboard Chalkboard Chalkboard

Have you done any easy and cheap DIY's lately?! Spill the beans...please :]

..till next time ;]

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