Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Adventures

It's Monday and no one likes it.  What keeps me going is remembering all the fun I had the previous weekend and how much MORE fun I'm going to have when the weekend arrives again. :]

This past weekend was definitely a good one.  Hung out with friends, did some bicycling, checked out a craft show, took some photos, drank some tasty beers, watched the Texans kick some Tennessee butt, and ate a badass breakfast sammich Lol! It's always about food with me isn't it?! That should be of no surprise Lol!

Started off my Saturday with a visit to DesignCraft's 3rd annual Outdoor Market with my friend John.

Design Craft Outdoor Market

A couple of days ago Aiga Houston put a post up on their Facebook for photo-lover volunteers.  They needed a couple of people to take pictures of the event for their site. I immediately sent the post to my friend John who has a very sweet camera and asked if he wanted to join me.  Thankfully he had that day off and said he'd definitely go with me. Our time slot was 10am-12pm and there was one other photographer out there with us. It was a fantastical day..not too hot and definitely not cold like it is in other parts of the country in December. The event was held in the Historic Market Square Park in Downtown Houston. Not only had I never been there, but I had no idea it was a dog park. Imagine my surprise when I noticed all the furkids playing around. :]

Design Craft Outdoor Market

Design Craft Outdoor Market

Design Craft Outdoor Market

Design Craft Outdoor Market

Design Craft Outdoor Market

Design Craft Outdoor Market

I drink 40's with my #cookies bitch! Get it right next year fo' sho! By Peter Swik #santa #magnet #designcraft #houtx #art #hilarious
Santa magnet I bought from Peter Swik

Funny pins I bought from Revenge of the World.
Funny pins I bought from Revenge of the World.
Design Craft Outdoor Market

Once our shift was over (& I use shift lightly) we rented some bikes. I had no idea Houston even had this. I've seen this on TV, but I never thought Houston would do this because we're such a big city. $5 for 24hrs is not bad at all. & they also have annual passes for $50. I was too damn excitamated about this...even more when John said he was down to take a bike ride with me Lol! I haven't been on a bike since...well it's been a really long time. Thankfully I didn't fall on my face or anything Lol! Check out more photos at my Flickr acct here.

The most fun I've had in a while was on a #bike in downtown #houston #houtx #beautifulday
That's MEEEE!! 
Sunday was awesome!! Not only did the Texans beat the Titans 24-10 but the Brickhouse was hosting a charity event for the N.W San Jacinto High Rollers MC 33rd annual Toy Run benefiting Boys & Girls Country.  This is the 3rd year they've held it at the Brickhouse and our first year attending.  Normally we go somewhere else for the Texans game because they shut down the patio.  This year we figured we'd go to the Brick cause of our winning streak Lol! So the MC has this thing called 'Jail' where anyone at the bar can pay $5 to the bailiff and have anyone arrested and put in 'jail'. That means anyone can go in there. A customer, a bartender, a biker, a bus boy, anyone. And the only way to get out is by paying another $5. But ya can't get mad if someone puts you in there because it's for a good cause. The Kids!!
Who should we put in #jail #brickhouse #texans #picstitch
Arrested has two r's :]
We put the #brickhouse #mangers in #jail for #charity LMAO!!
Two of the Brickhouse managers. He was put in there by ME!
Dan & I. Dan was in there quite a few times LOL!

Angel our waitress, Dan, and Walter got locked up Lol
Hilarious. No idea how much they made but I can only assume it was a lot. Dan and I even walked to the ATM a couple of shops down to get more cash to stick folks in jail and to bail ourselves out Lol! Overall it was a great day! We all laughed our asses off and drank a little too much, as usual and spend more then we planned. 11-1 is more than any of us could have ever imagined so ya can't blame us for being excited. Go Texans!

How was your weekend?! Do anything awesome?!

..till next time ;]

P.s. The Walking Dead was sooo good last night. Can't wait till February when it comes back.

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